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  1. Most of you might think this video is disinfo , on the conterary you have never been told the truth. The Rothschilds are Knights of Malta and are overruled by the Jesuits , They put the Rothschilds and other Catholic Zionists in the front (which has everything to do with the creation of The Bavarian Illuminati by Jesuit /Crypto Jew Adam Weishaupt(Jesuit) for the Jesuits as a Front Organization because the Jesuits where banned in 83 countries) so all the people will blame the Jews in general

  2. The pope is satans chosen anti christ. The lord JESUS told us that satan would hi jack the christian church by installing a false religious blasphmere leader in it who would decieve the whole world. did you guys get it the anti christ is to come in the name of christianity that is no other but the pope. revelation 17 says this anti christ man sits in power with the harlot church which is located in rome, what else do you sceptics need. the jesuits for the past 500 have been infitrathing all

  3. The lord JESUS told us of these satanic plans long ago. christ told us that satan would hi jack Gods temple the christian church and would install a false religious leader in it who would speak blasphemy and who would rule the world thats the pope, because rev 17 says that false religious leader sits in power with the harlot church and they are located in rome the city which lays on seven mountain tops, the popes jesuits control the FREEMASONS. ps the lord JESUS IS God and he is coming to judge

  4. another person calling a TEXT on screen a "video". If I want to read TEXT, I can google and read TEXT all day long. When I want to see a VIDEO, I expect to see moving pictures, people talking to me etc. not TEXT flashed all over the screen. Makes me wonder why the channel disabled the thumbs up and down. It gets my THUMBS DOWN for misleading me to think this was a video….its not, its TEXT on a screen!!!

  5. @ImtheEntity Friend, the Illuminati are a cover/smokescreen organization for the Jesuits. Adam Weishaupt was a Jesuit himself. The Sons of Loyola have numerous organizations that they cloak themselves in and use as friends, slaves, and killers for the Vatican. A few of these are as follows: Opus Dei, Knights of Malta, Knights of Columbus, the Mafia, Cosa Nostra, the Irish Republican Army, Freemasonry, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, etc. reg6(dot)com

  6. "…even Jesuitry were taught under the mask of Masonry."
    – Manual on Freemasonry: Morals & Dogma page 326

    Why does The Mother of God's Rosary contain 150 beads? What is the significance of the number 150?

    It is a set of prayers meant to counter the Jews chanting the 150 Psalms of David who await their messiah: the Masonic-Jesuit "Jesus."

    "LUCIFER, the Light-bearer and with its splendors intolerable blinds feeble, sensual, or selfish Souls?
    – Manual on Freemasonry: Morals & Dogma pg 320-1

  7. They have drugged MOST by robbing them of the ability to ask God for the Holy Spirit in Jesus name earnestly believing that God will come through, alone in their rooms people can connect with God in a matter of weeks, this is the deception. Peace you all. hear me out please: youtube(DOT)com/watch?v=sTS92pwMK00

  8. They have us DRUGGED with a "TOXIN" delivered thru SOFT DRINKS, WATER etc see film Professional Perspectives at wwwFLUORIDEACTIONnet, its causing Many Health Problems, 41% CANCER etc

    to wake up take Pure Water & Proper type of MAGNESIUM see you tube georgeeby,

    see "FIAT EMPIRE" & film MONOPOLY MEN< they start WARS then Finance Each Side, 80% or more of Leaders are Controlled by Illuminati

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  9. You are truly insane. The Knights of Malta do wonderful things. In fact, in Jerusalem, the SMOM are actively protecting Palestinian Christians and Muslims and providing Hospitalier Service for those Arabs, Christian and Muslim alike, who find themselves strangers and Non Citizens in their own ancient homeland.
    I resent being characterised as an Evil Organisation, that the Vatican is "evil" and the NWO is run by Templars-
    If anything, it's run by AMERICAN Hollywood degenerate "Templars-"

  10. @leonvoltaire Los Alumbrados (the Illuminated) is traced to Gnostic origin, Gnostic origin is traced to the mystery religions of Babylon and Egypt. The Illuminati is the continuation of the Mystery Religions of Sumer Babylon. Ignatius Loyola was a Los Alumbrados member, he founded the Jesuits, you idiot! Read Bloodlines of the Illuminati Idiot!

  11. I'm sure if there was any factual basis to these claims something would have been done long ago…you can't have all these high profile people complaining and then nothing getting done..it all seems like inuendo and false accusation…get the real facts so people can take legal affirmitive action

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