Jesuits & Vatican Conspiracy Theories

Why are there so many conspiracy theories involving the Jesuits and the Vatican?


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  1. People who wish to attack the Jesuits for everything are barking up the wrong tree. They should be focusing on the freemasons and the people who are behind the freemasons and it isn't the Jesuits. The freemasons and their pals steer the ignorant toward Jesuit conspiracy theories because it gets the focus off of THEM. And ignorant, gullible protestants will jump onto any theory that blames Catholics for anything. The reason the real "illuminati" want to destroy the Jesuits is because the Jesuits are the most intelligent and educated. Of course this doesn't mean the Jesuits have never been infiltrated because freemasons and their masters are forever attempting to infiltrate the Church. It isn't the Jesuits or the Catholics who run the media, Hollywood, banking, and pretty much everything else in this country and much of the world.

  2. The jesuist is the endless wandering jew. the wolf disguised as sheep to infiltrate the church and take over catholic education system.
    Jesuits are the so called modernists that want to change the church into an heresy.
    Jesuits are created same way as the bolsjeviks, 85% jews financed by powerfull jewish banksters

  3. The best is someone posting quotes to a website from Freemasonic Generals during the American revolution which bashes the Jesuits.
    Within 7 Seconds (not the 80's hardcore band), anyone without any previous knowledge on Jesuits is suddenly an expert.

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