Jesus vs. Jesuits in Court & Gail’s Hip Exercises

Gail shows her latest attempts to upgrade her exercise regimen to work out her hips and legs and describes what she is hearing brain to brain about Jesus versus the Jesuits in court.

Visit Gail’s health page for her health regimen at

To know her life story in depth, you need to read/hear the following books in this order: 1) The Forbidden Abyss Part One: Brent Spiner & Vladimir Putin, 2) Brent Spiner’s Flames, 3) Judge Terrance Jenkins YouTube channel the Quebec Trial (, 4) Jesus, the Eternal Bridegroom: The Forbidden Abyss, Part Two, 5) The Shimmering Sea: Robin Williams Murder.

For Gail’s online mini-biography of her life, her IMDb page, visit


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