Jews or Jesuits?

Original video by Alan Lamont. Do Jews really run things, or are they minions of the Jesuits?


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  1. It really doesn't matter what devil is at the top. Keep your eyes on Jesus. Don't look left. Don't look right and he will guide you through the mess.Jesus returned 70ad. All revelation is fulfilled. There are only 2 religions in the world: (1) Do it yourself; and (2) God (Jesus) DID it. Both are explained in Genesis in the Garden of Eden. #1Adam and Eve covering themselves with fig leaves; #2 God slaying animals and providing animal skin coverings (pointing forward to Jesus lying his life down and becoming the sacrifice. ) All of Daniel is fulfilled. Jesus is reigning from spiritual Jerusalem in his people Israel. Today there are only 2 positions: In Christ or Out of Christ. People spend way to much time looking for antichrists and demons. Get your eyes in Jesus. Keep them there. Stay in praise. It drives evil away. Don't be a leaky Christian. Demons scavenger the power that leaks from Christians and use it rich back against them. There is nothing easier than faith in Jesus and nothing better than being In Christ and knowing He is with you and protecting you.

  2. Guess what people: Even the Torah Jews are toast. There is one way and one way only!! You are either a believer or you aren't one, period. The Torah Jews might as well be Mormons or Jehovah witnesses or vise versa. They are all lost!! Stop it with this "Jew worship" Worship Jesus and Jesus ONLY. Jew worship is idolatry. It has led to Zionism and evil foreign policy. That strip of land occupied by Zionists in the middle east belongs to God's people. God's people are Christians. As a Christian, I authorize that land to go back to the Palestinians – many Palestinian Arabs are Christians. Zionist Christian is an oxymoron. And Trump is Not a Christian. He is a Zionist.

  3. @truth seeker – completely misleading information.. no evidence? Are you blind?
    Rothschild means indeed red shield but not because they were knights.. wtf.. Rothschild in this case actually means red sign.. Amschel Mayer's (family founder) homestead was located in the Judengasse (jewish alley) in Frankfurt am Main.. back in that days the houses did not have numbers but have had different coloured nameplates in order to assign them. Mayer means somewhat like custodian and so Amschel raised nobility on himself by adding Rothschild to his name. Of course Rothschild impresses way more than the simple 'Custodian' as it implies aristocracy (falsely in this case).
    Seems to me you're asking the right questions but are giving the wrong answers.

  4. its very hard to know which one is exactly d top

    jesuits ran d illuminati , and d vatican is totally under control of d jesuits today (wasnt always) jesuits control d masons too .
    but the jesuits r being controlled by d black nobility, d veneitian black nobility of which some researcher says are descendent of the khazars d very fake jews

    the real hostirocal origins of d black magicians are cmin from d mid east obviously
    and the academy of gundishapur was a center of it

    very hard to know d very base accordin to huimans
    but they r being inspirated by d satan Ahriman for sure

  5. What about the Jews who say they are Jews, but are not and do lie? Jesus Christ himself made that statement and called them the Synagogue of Satan. That was 1500 years before Loyola, and 300 years before the unholy RCC's inception. It is both of them ruling the world. Babylonian Mystery Religion.

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