Jews, The Jesuit Scapegoat

Brodcast: July 19 2013
Eric J. Phelps with host Drake Shelton
on the radio program Uncreated Light Blog

Eric and Drake bring out interesting points
that reveal that Jews aren’t pulling the strings.
Excellent discussion!


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  1. Banking jews
    Media jews
    Hollywood jews
    USA government jews or bought by the AIPAC lobby and work for the jews
    England anglo-saxon government jews
    Communism jews
    KGB and the gullags jews
    Soros jew
    Rothchild jew
    Masonry jewish
    Hey, but it's not the jews because in reality they are edomites like their king in the time of jesus or mogolian gengis khan, look to the father of netanyahu, it's a mongolian.
    If jews are so pure in race why are the jews chinese, mongolian, arabian, european, african? Because they lie.
    The real israelites and children of god converted to christians 2000 years ago. Look where the apostles and first christians build the churches if you want to know where the real israel is.
    And the edomite scum follows the BABYLONIAN Talmud.
    The crypto-jews were kicked out of the jesuit order a long time ago.

  2. Wow I am appalled at if the antisemitism in this chat. If you have forgotten our Messiah is from the house of Judah. So come in Yeshua's name and rebuke all antichrist spirit you are to leave inYeshua's name and plead the blood over this room and over all my brothers and sisters.

  3. What I find funny is, every single piece of evidence showing Jew's they always claim it was forged by a Jesuit. Kind of hard to have an debate where only your historical documents are real and the other side is all fake.

  4. Jews are impostors playing the victim while they commit crimes against humanity with impunity….the only thing Christians need to be ashamed of enabling these ZioSupremacist Communist criminals to continue their scams…..

  5. Time line of power and control The Canaanites became the Phoenicians, and the Phoenicians became the Venetians. The black nobility became Sabbatean Frankist made Jesuit Illuminati Trump will finish GREAT ISRAEL PROJECT Sabbateans destroy ISRAEL Sabbateans hate orthodox (Torah)Jews, maybe even more than most. They were behind the Holocaust and they're preparing a new one, in Israel with Pikes plan and zionist theology, by running The Armageddon Scripts in KJV Scofield bible

  6. Phelps is a gatekeeper for the Jews. Isreal wants to control the middle East and all of Europe and USA. Also, they are under Zionist control. Look folks the power to be is a hydra of power. Roman empire (Jesuits) never died, However, Zionist Rothschild global bankers own the federal reserve bank and control the U.S. military. The Jews are communist NWO GLOBALIST in full power! The Vatican and the Roman families are just facilitaters and central command. Why else would the fist time in history, we have a Jesuit pope if there was no infiltration at the Vatican. EJP never speaks of Isreal behind 911 umm!

  7. yeah it makes sense with all the anti-Semitism coming around the Jesuits are doing the same thing they did Nazi Germany going from left-wing socialism to right-wing fascism blaming it all on the jews

  8. They try to solve the problem of Babylon, but no one search in the root, the root and the origin of everything, the good and the evil is GOD. If the people look at the past and search in Babylon, them came find the real identity of God, and the real rulers of this worlds.

  9. the Jews are behind everything evil-including the Jesuits the Knight's Templar the Freemasons etc -the Jews -just like their organisations were kicked out from almost all countries of this earth at some point in history -now you tell me they are the nicest people around they have nothing to do with those devil worshiper Templar order? give me a break crypto Jew! -this is the same instigator style what the Jews use from day one -they are also very good of pointing fingers just like these two does-Jesuits=Jews in suits-black ones

  10. What about the 66 million white Russian and Ukrainian Christians murdered by the Jews during the Communist Jew uprising and Bolshevik revolution 1917-1920's? What about the Holodomor Famine 1933 and the mass murder of 7-14 million Ukrainian Christians by systematic starvation? What about Harvard Professor Marxist Jew Noel Ignatiev and his support of white genocide. What about Barbra Learner Spectre and the white genocide of Europe? What about the money changers in the temple? What about John 8:44? The Jews controlled the monetary system in Babylon, Ancient Greece, ancient Rome, and throughout the history of Europe. The Jews and Romans tried to kill all Christians for 300 years after the resurrection of Christ. The Christ revealed the Identity of the seeds of Satan. It is clear

  11. Christ reveals the existence of Satan's progeny.(Satan's bloodline DNA) The children of Satan, the tares. Matthew 13:24-30. Christ identified them in Matthew 23, John 8:44, Revelation 2:9. There is no misunderstanding the words of Christ. The Jews didn't accept Christ then and did murder the Son of Yahweh. Christ drove the Jew money changers out of the temple, The Jews controlled the monetary system of Babylon, Ancient Greece, Rome and the European countries throughout the history of Europe. That is history and the words of Christ do not lie.

  12. billionaire industrialists make their money on  weapons, fuel, banking, drugs, etc. They blame  a group  like Jews or anyone else available when they want war or if they need to deflect attention from themselves. These days blacks and Muslims are the scapegoats. Oh yeah, and poor people. Next year it may be YOU .

  13. retarded garbage. jews are as Messiah tells us white men in White Man's AV 16 11 Bible -tge children of the DEVIL (John 8 V 44) whose backs will be the foot stools off the True Believers in YHWH . "Jews" are caanaanites edomites and other trash of the Levant but YHWH'S CHILDREN are WHITE FOLK ONLY. Their synagogues are the district offices of Satan (Rev 2 v 9). The Jesuits were created BY the Jews.

  14. How to be a Jew: 1. Be a miserly money hoarder.
    2. Promote abortion, pornography and homosexuality. 3. Have a big nose and rub your hands in a diabolical manner4. Have your penis mutilated and sucked by a creepy rabbi.
    5. Think you are special when you aren't. 6. Hate Muslims and Christians. 7. Hate and ridicule Christ. 8. Control financial markets. 9. Play the victim and milk the Holocaust lie for all it is worth. 10. Control global affairs. 11. Control Hollywood and global media. 12. Be responsible for most wars. 13. Be loyal to Israel not the country you live in. 14. Foment conflict between blacks & whites.

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