Jim Condit Jr. & Christopher Jon Bjerknes

On Jim Condit Jr.’s mentor Dr. Paul Reznowski; Colonel Donn de Grand Pré’s Barbarians Inside the Gates; The Nazi-Zionist Secret Alliance; Jim Condit’s DVD The Final Solution to Adolph Hitler; Lenni Brenner’s books; The Anti-Semitism of Zionists towards the Jewish people; Daryl Bradford Smith; Shouldn’t Jews reconsider staying in line with the Rothschild Banking Operations; Jews are going to be the victims of the next push; Jews are very concerned that American Jews are assimilating; Jewish Bankers promoted anti-Semitism when assimilation of Jews was successful; Certain people in Israel very much fear that the top leaders of Israel are willing to sacrifice one third to one half of the Jewish people in Israel; In Ezekiel it’s said that two thirds of Jews must be eradicated in order for the “Messianic Age” where the Jewish king will rule the world to begin; Jewish One World Government; Catastrophic World War; Nuclear Holocaust predicted in Zekeriah Chapter 14; Michael Savage; Iran; Peace for a 1000 years is a Messianic prophecy; Hitler was considered the Messiah by many Germans; Klaus Polkehn, The Nazi party was a Communist party from its inception, Thule Gesellschaft, Crypto-Jewish Organizations were trying to create an anti-Semitic party that would force Jews into segregation and would help to establish a Jewish homeland in Palestine; Ritter Kreuz ( Knight’s Cross) bearer Lieutenant Hennecke Kardel and his book Adolf Hitler Founder of Israel; The Jew Ignaz Trebitsch Lincoln aka Moses Pinkeles financed Hitler; The Zionists want Anti-Semitism; The Jewish Neo-Nazi leader Frank Collin in Skokie Illinois in the 1970s; Theodor Herzl and anti-Semitism; The Rothschilds; Moses Hess created National Socialism and predicted a race war in Europe in order to establish the Jewish State.


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