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ROME: A few photos of their world power Jacqueline Kennedy was trained
by the jesuits her whole life and WAS trained in cia operations in paris
before she met senator kennedy. after his affairs she went to see onassis
for 1 month before dallas !! then after the assassination she married him.
he was papal a bloodline under the control of the cia and was a drug
smuggler and was used by the cia to be a front for them for years !! and
did operations with joe kennedy.
Jackie Killed JFK – The Jesuit Conspiracy Exposed

JFK – murdered by his wife ‘Jacqueline Kennedy’

JESUIT TRAINED JACKIE KILLED JFK – Jesuit Conspiracy Kennedy – The
Sacrificed King – by William Cooper
The Jesuit Assassination Of JFK & Abraham Lincoln THE CIA – KNIGHTS OF MALTA

copy paste google for free pdf article about jackie “Reverse Engineering of
JFK Assassination Plan Featuring The Killer Queen” by Jacopo F. Cubannedy
Question Are you crazy by answering that Jackie killed JFK? Answer:
Unfortunately, all other answers are impossible. Whatever remains, no
matter how improbable, must be the truth. Jackie’s guilt is not only
probable but also certain. The truth shatters your false reality built on
unnatural belief system which is your fundamental weakness. Question Why
did Jackie kill JFK? Answer: Believe it or not, Jackie was an experienced
assassin. She had gained her experience before she married JFK. People who
wanted JFK dead knew about Jackie’s secret skills. They made her kill JFK
by threatening her and promising her big rewards later. Jackie felt that
she did not have a choice. Question: Who gave the orders to kill JFK?
Answer: The orders came from the jesuits of rome who control central
banking in the US through their fraudulent Federal Reserve System. They are
the most ruthless people. They protect the biggest source of power which is
the control of money supply. JFK wanted to reduce or even eliminate their
power. LBJ was their puppet. All other names for JFK killers like oswald
CIA, Military-Industrial Complex, Texas oilmen, US Government, Mafia, etc,
are only diversions or distractions.

The Jesuit Vatican New World Order

video from brother Alan Lamont


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  1. This is my opinion, the snipers were set up to take eyes off what happend. That being the person in the front shot him in the throat, and at the same time she blew his head off. A bullet hole was in his throat and i can see him shoot him. And i see her shoot him. Two killers.

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