J Krishnamurti Conversations with Eugene Schallert of the Society of Jesus.

In these conversations, Eugene Schallert, a Jesuit priest, and Krishnamurt discuss goodness, freedom and the relation between living and dying. Freedom, they say, is the negation of conditioning by any of culture’s religious or political divisions. The conditioning content of consciousness must be emptied with one stroke in the very act of perceiving that conditioning.

Discussing living, they see that to live you must die every day to all that you have gathered so that the mind is new. We must first understand what it means to live, not what it means to die. Death is perfect order because it is the ending of disorder which comes through choiceless awareness of what disorder is..


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  1. A brilliant man with charisma, no doubt, yet he wasn't really walking his own talk. Demanding to stand alone and be free he himself was very dependent on donors and a rich life style. Concealing his affair with Rosalind, the wife of his publisher, even demanding several abortions, was a coward and covert, hidden secrecy while he demanded and presented an image totally different, that is to be totally honest and authentic. His teachings strike a deep chord, yet are also repetitive and are descriptive and could be lived by very few people. And see how his institutions have done exactly what he despised: they made an idol out of him, and many of his teachings have already become dogma. When he realized on his death-bed that he had failed in a way it was a beautiful act of honesty. To despise all traditions is to throw out the baby with the bathing water. While all traditions have an often rigid outer structure he missed that at the same time one can find a living teaching in them that even is in accord with his central term of choiceness awareness. It looks arrogant to only dismiss without being able to see the lively essence then. 'Traditions means to preserve fire, not ashes.'

  2. Unfortunately, one will try to blame religion and not the conditioning of thought. Thought is telling one that religion is the issue and not thought. And if thought knows that it will use science as the savior or philosophy while overlooking that those division are also a product of thought. Be aware of thought and the limitations that come along with it.

  3. Choiceless awareness.Are the words first used by J.K.Religion means unity,Love,oneness,humanity,goodness,kindness.And free from all dualities,Nationalities,beliefs,rituals….. In short When heart is pure and mind is clear then TRUTH is near. When ego is zero one becomes real hero…..

  4. On LSD one observes without judgement. Meditation achieves the same thing, but it takes practice and discipline. The drug is quicker but has the danger of suppressing the ego so much the person forgets to eat.

  5. Conditioning means to bind. And to bind means to separate. This is a natural process of the cosmos. However, the goal of conditioning is to evolve this thing called ego or self-consciousness so that God or Self or Universal Consciousness can play with Himself as many and then realize that detachment from this ego or self-consciousness is the only way to play or live without suffering. To many words will only confuse and confound if not grounded in the Absolute Truth.

    So, there are two "I"s in the human being, the false "I" which lives in separation, in bondage, in strife, in suffering, etc., and the real or true "I" which is unconditioned, omnipresent, ever happy and free. The goal or completion or purpose of life as a whole is to detach or rise above this individual false personality that we recognize as our real selves.

    Therefore, the recognition that suffering, evil and the devil is the ego made impure through conditioning that affirms and reinforces it can the ego begin its higher evolution towards liberation, salvation, freedom, true happiness or love.

    Self-destruction of the ego through self-abnegation using whatever method suitable to the spiritual and mental disposition of the person is key to becoming free. Unfortunately, the death of the ego is a very fearful prospect to the ego and very difficult to act upon without grace. This is all due to eons of false conditioning.

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