Former US Marine and soldier Johnny Cirucci, via Skype from Pennsylvania goes over his research revealing that The Jesuits are the secret power of the New World Order.
Historically, kings and queens, nations and principalities rose and fell by the power of the Vatican. Is that still true today? Does the Vatican control the destiny of nations but in secret via agents she has planted in key positions?
Who are the Jesuits and what power do they wield?
Is the leadership of the Catholic faith faithful to Catholics or is there a hidden and malignant agenda at play?
How does priest pedophilia fit in?
Can anyone be trusted: politicians, judges, generals, even local police officers?

If this conspiracy of secret control is true, how can we beat it?

All of these issues and more are addressed in our interview of author, speaker, host and veteran soldier Johnny Cirucci. 2018-01j-17


5 Replies to “Johnny Cirucci reveals the secret power of The Jesuits”

  1. I understand that the Jesuit seminarian who took photos of the Titanic passengers was there to specifically photograph millionaire, J. P. Morgan. After his photo was taken, Morgan then got off the ship and did not ride on the Titanic. He supposedly knew it would sink.

  2. Good show. Continue to speak and wake people up. They must wake up to the Whore of Babylon, she is unregenerate, she will never change, people must change, the Whore will not and cannot change. Her crimes are horrendous, unspeakable, abomnibla, overwhelming. If people do not awaken, all of mankind is over. That's her goal, to create a breed of mind controllled satanists who do their father's will, to rob, enslave and murder. No one can defend themselves against this evil, unless people, many people, begin to wake up and petition God to throw tis monster into the sea, as Revelation says God will eventually do. God is waiting for people to wake up…."Will you wake for pity's sake?"

  3. Good show! You folks should have more focus on this topic. There is so much disinfo out there, nobody really knows who's behind the deceptions and our enslavement. This topic points the finger to the real guilty parties with evidence to back it up.
    Johnny is a great researcher, I told him about you guys 🙂

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