Jordan Maxwell : Conversation with Santos Bonacci

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  1. JM is so right! Our Society have gone of the sanity cliff and fallen into a cesspool of evil madness! I just pray for our Country and read read read to know the Truth! Tired of the Lies by our own Government, Pope and our past History by teachers who lie to us about our own pass! Thank you! JM for the wisdon and knowledge you have given to help Enlighten us! God bless you!

  2. Knowledge is power? Lol sure…lol Nikola Tesla the smartest man maybe to ever live died poor… Even Jordan Maxwells life's work was taken by a kid with a poneytail.
    No knowledge isn't power forcing your will on others using brute Force for your benefit that's power.

  3. Do you have contact info for Jordan by any chance? I'm an old fan of many years, planning a trip south next year and would like to meet him or see him speak. I've written to his site email but not gotten any response yet. Thought I'd try this new post for a response. Thanks.

  4. After Santos Bonacci was arrested in Australia a while ago, he didn't come back the same. Before his arrest Bonacci had great lectures on astrotheology. Afterwards, his views became more conspiratorial and began talking about flat earth. I stopped following him after that sh*t.

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