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  1. My comment did not come through so I tried again. I thought for many years that the leader of Syria was worthless. It is very easy to be misinformed. He knows his ancient history and he wants to preserve and maintain his country. Syria is a former world "empire". All former "empires" KNOW WHO THEY ARE. Don

  2. Trump is a irrational erratic clone. We all saw this coming.. Why on earth would he name iran and any other middle east country with no evidence… Putin may be a dictator but he's an honest dictator.. It's no shock he says isreal corrupt selves are behind this. Or better yet Russia says it's manufactured all together. The United snakes are notorious for false flags. Using kids to pull at the heartstrings. This is bullshit.. But it's already been foretold. All Nations will come against the United snakes… Get ready. Yah got my back.

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