enough of the zionist Jews shit- This is about personal experience. Jews do this, Christians do that…whatever. The point is, the teachings are for us all, and look deep into who we are. They are for everyone. I do not dismiss the bible, although I am not religious. As well, i read all other texts to educate myself best I can.
We learn….


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  1. Poetic,philosophical, spirituality is how I interpret the bible. I mean what else can it be. Its no shock that the new testament was originally written mostly by Jewish mystics/gnostics, and Greek philosophers? Why else was it originally written mostly in Aramaic and Greek languages?

  2. So read it before you comment on it. I'm sure when you find out what Tikkun HaOlum (repairing the world) really means you won't be so impressed. Hey for folks in the 12th century this was like reading The Hobbitt….a whole world they didn't know anything about. All the kabalists and all the mystics have done nothing to improve the world or change it. Meditation is a great thing…it clears your mind of thoughts….the antithisis of thinking.

  3. I happen to be Jewish…so much for that. Most people who have actually read the Kaballah or studied it know it's a pile. It details the beginning of creation even though no one was there. It makes sene that the guy who wrote it spend like 20 years alone in a cave during which time he must have smoked some nice stuff. You should try and quote directly from the Kaballah….it's nice to go to a source. Oh..and it's see-PHI- rots which translates as vessels where God's essence was. Baloney.

  4. Give me a break. If you don't know anything about Judaism and find religions to be a sickness…why do you read this esoteric baoloney from a book that no one is interested in. No. Judaism says you can atone for your sins. Christianity says Jesus died for you sins….see a difference.???

  5. Sort of matrix or computer and if that is the case I would think there is a code or something that can manipulate it. Why not numbers. Numerology has always fascinated me numbers always came easy for me. Leads right back to Kabbalah. There is truth and lies in all religion it seems. I've always had a desire for good and have been pulled in that direction. Although on this earth it seems the dark side has a better chance at manipulating this reality. I'm fine with suffering for a greater goal tho

  6. Fun to think about. I even question most of the eve a dense we have ie archeology there's that arc again. Talk about lies and agenda and control wow. Right now tolerance is my order of the day and I still find myself reverting to the old programming at times. Interesting time to be alive. Have you checked out killuminaties don't know if I spelled that right but he just released two more in his series yesterday pretty good stuff. Dealing with the 9 or the 3,6,9 it's a trip we have to be in some

  7. Arced that shit like a jumper. No animals on a boat. There was much more going on in Noah's time than we have been allowed in text. They took the the path and repaved it their way. The meaning of life is control either your controlled or you control yourself from within. They were jacking around with DNA way back then too and it's all about the DNA.

  8. LOL!…you hit the nail on the head here and got all kinds of splinters for it!
    I'm with ya here, man…When someone says, "It's the Jews…" I always ask, "Which Jews?" and then the ignorant puss tard will reply 9 out of 10 times, "What do you mean?".
    peace to ya!

  9. 3. The 'new' testament is 99% GREEK MYTHOLOGY, (research it !) Symbology, ancient 'wars' of the gods', Jesus isn't a hebrew name or word, nor is it a Greek name ! Mans' limited mind has put himself in one of various 'boxes', by his inability to 'accept' LIFE as the ULTIMATE game! Mans' desire for MORE, (his GREEDY NATURE) is a factor in his desire for 'eternal life'. This , RIGHT NOW, is the 'big show', "ENJOY THE RIDE"! *You've got a front row seat @ the freak show in AMERIKA! 😉 Peace & Love!

  10. 2. Man invented god out of his pitiful FEAR of the unknown ! Fear of the "DARK", for instance, has led to 'evil'; put a 'd' in the front of it , and you have 'devil'!
    Heaven is merely 'space'. Hell is merely frustration and anxiety of one's own pitiful INDECISION ! Heaven and hell, as 'believed' by the 'god squads', are mythical 'constructs' to force one to 'obey rules' or 'suffer the consequences' ! Mankind has continually 'Complicated reality with his incessant CONSTRUCTS !' Just BE YOURSELF!

  11. The vast majority of 'church going' ROBOTIC mind control 'victims', are self hypnotized by repeating the same RITUALISM of 'believing' blindly , the words of another; whom is also of the same mindset. ( Myth / mysticism / TRADITION turned RELIGION ! )
    I've watched for many years, the 'fight' between those who are stuck in the 'GOOD AND EVIL' paradigm, which has NO future but 'faith' in the UNSEEN, and UNKNOWN !
    Nothing is good or evil until one's intent makes it so ! Use YOUR MIND, or let it ROT

  12. The jew controlled media in America and (manipulated) worldwide forgot to tell you who their hero Anders Brevik was and who those kids were didnt they? Sad you don't know that part because the media is controlled. Or that ZImmerman was part jewish, but media called him white and occasionally only would mention the mexican rather than Semitic decent. Sorry, but I can see right thru scrawny little puppets in two piece suits trying to lie to me and omit information to manipulate me.

  13. Jew worshipping christains like zionist Andres Brevik never went on a mass killing spree, killing children who protest Israel crimes. Peopel too stupid to read their books where jesus says the jews will kill him, and they do. I dont actually hate jews for controlling these mindless retarded christains, I despise the christains and their ignorance as they do.

  14. Our general didnt leak that Israel policy is using our nation to invent stuxnet terror attack? yeah. Cults dont control anything, Christains and the jews they worship never slaughter muslims in ten thousand year long crusades. Odd we had a world war to invent this racist cults homeland and 100 years of war and flushing America down the drain to keep it alive while they stage terror on us.

  15. So jews arent behind the invention of Israel and the 100-1000's of years wars to invent the invisible "gods chosen" racists god land? AIPAC doesnt control our media and govt? AIPAC lobbyist wolf blitzer isnt using the goy in AMerica to die for his racist nation of israhell where they shoot people for being muslim? (even when they find out its a jew after they kill it, LULZ!)

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