Keeping it REAL ! Darryl Eberhart, Author and Researcher Exposing ROME in the USA 2018

Author and Researcher, Darryl Eberhart joined me in a long discussion on this Thanksgiving Day 2018 to address a wide range overview of topics that are of concern. Darryl has been engaged in long term Exposure of the Priesthood of the Roman Catholic Church along with many others, I felt the urgency of posting this interview ASAP and even skipped meeting with family today to make this interview happen since we have been unsuccessful in getting Skype working on Darryl’s computer, but we hope too soon but not without careful consideration, so phone interviews are the best method at the current date.

MUST SEE Video on Ian Paisley Rebuking Pope John Paul II in 1986:

Please excuse me for the poor audio quality on this audio, hopefully I can do much better next time, but at least this is a start.

Here are a couple of interviews with different hosts on YouTube: Also, please bear in mind I have not taken the time to listen to these in their entirety yet, but they will help give more background on the topics at hand:


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  1. Great reward of your efforts IMHO. It is also great to learn that loose strings are being put together by more and more people to reflect our own point of view and to enhance a deeper insight. Every valueable information from reliable sources is worth collecting for completing the puzzle of our existence. Thank you and keep up the work for our Lord !

  2. Bret, Jorg, Nickas, and Tom, my best friends in the radio, love your passion and love for our Lord Jesus Christ, great love for truth and for their lost brothers, you guys are a great example for my, what you guys think, what guy feel is it's the way I feel, keep up this great work, and thank you this day for the the message of love and truth, thank you once again!

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