Rise Of The New World Order – The Culling Of Man

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Rise Of The New World Order – The Culling Of Man [Playlist]

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24 Replies to “King Nimrod & The Babylonian Mystery Religion ~ 09-Ch3/A-Rise of the NWO/Culling of Man”

  1. Thanks for taking the time to encourage people to look deeper into what is so often taken for granted. To look deeper,look also at the amounts of bible characters that went to Egypt. From Abram to Jesus.

  2. I've got a simple explanation. There was a great ruler of Ancient Babylon named Nimrod. This ruler wanted to be known as a god therefore before his death he had his mother/wife spread word that she had an emaculate conception from Nimrod who saw himself as God and claim that Tammuz was a resurrected Nimrod. Everything in Christianity was copied from the earlier stories. From Maddonna and Child to the Emaculate Conception, to the resurrection, to the God is man through Jesus and probably many other concepts.

  3. How can Zeus and Cronos both be repressentations of Nimrod when they were both enemies of each other in Greek Mythology. Throwing out a bunch of mythological names does make you very smart. Do some research because you don't know shit about shit.

  4. That's True about those early Christians!and They Killed many Indians in the name of God!and they were but in Lions dens,and put in the Rome gladiators arenas!and Killed For the slaughter daily!and lived in caves , and hid in the Forest,and deserts,had too hide There faith like They were criminal's.that was just yashua,s perfect Law of liberty,like the Jew's having Hitler rise up because of the Christ killer Jews back then.and the like American Indians curse on America for the genocidal murders of the American Indians.we are just seeing some of those effects now ,in the end time's .But The good news is we can't blame any of those people ? that's then and this is Now??? we will leave behind this generation's curses,? which God punishs his enemies 3&4 generation's after They are gone??? we are responsible for all Our actions ,? we can blame no body but Are self's?? this is the generation that will see Jesus Christ coming or the generation too melt as in Malachi 4:1.good point but we can do no less than what Jesus Christ would do??? WWJD??

  5. Wow ,you told some of the oldest secrets of the highest degrees of Free Masonry. Even some of the degrees after the 33°. Awesome research!!! The only discrepancy is your time line. Egypt is at least one millennia older then 2000 BCE.

  6. Here is what I've discovered looking into the babylon Religion/ Annunaki and comparing the info to what the Bible and apocrypha books shows.
    First look at the family tree of the annunaki and compare it to the family of Noah.
    Enoch Arabic:, translit. ʼAkhnūkh
    Noahs wife's name was Naamah,
    Anu's wife's name was Nammah/Nammu
    (Anu is the highest deity of the annunaki.)
    Nimrod had to make it look like he came from the gods by deifying his ancestors.
    Shem's son Asshur who built Assyria is known as the Sumerian god Ashur. (Shem is the son of Noah.)
    Nimrod is Ninurta / Ningirsu / Nimrud.
    Nimrod's son Mardun is Marduk. You can find this in the book of Jasher 7 47-48.
    Looking at the annunaki/Babylonian family chart I've concluded that Ham is known as the god Enki and Shem is known as Enlil. This is a perversion of the true God and Satan story.
    The wife of Shem is Sedequtelebeb bint Eliakim. In the babylon pantheon she was known as the goddess Sud or Ninlill / wife of Enlil.
    The wife of Ham Ne'elatama'uk bint Eliakim was known in the pantheon as the goddess Ninki / Ninhursag wife of Enki.
    Nimrod married his mother Semaramis known as the moon goddess, the Queen of Babylon and the queen of heaven.
    Their son Mardon/Marduk is also known as Dammu and Tammuz. Nimrod was the king/Lord (baal) of Babylon.
    Elam the son of Shem created his own babylon pantheon as well known as the Elamites.

  7. Babel actually means " gate of god"..babal means confused…Saying Babel is kinda a inside joke…a play on words..to a Babylonian it meant gate of god..to some who knew better like Hebrews it meant " confused…bab..means gate " el" means god

  8. Who cares what color he was your clouding what there trying to say with racist remark the same people u say are hiding the truth are the same people who started slavery to keep us all from uniting together as one open your eyes your heart and your mind

  9. nimrod was on earth way before prophet Jesus,peace upon him Mr nimrod was first ruler of earth he was the first evil one ,second evil was Mr nabcuzzher good rule first one was zal naik probably be crires the great second was prophet salmon ,peace upon him

  10. So how does one legitimately warship Jesus Christ and God? Is it even possible do we have any kind of knowledge on how to actually worship and pray to God? This explains why there are people that are atheist and agnostic completely I completely understand and justify people they are atheist or agnostic now because I know that if they know this then they have lost all hope in believing in anything because there is no way to believe in anything when everything is literally a lie.

  11. yes it was certainly the roman church that set the dates on everything,creating all these different holidays embedded in the year and seasons. They were ruling over the people and even keeping the true teachings hidden away. That being said, we now find ourselves in a situation were most people are ignorant of the incorrectness of those dates having been established as tradition. To many they bring joy in their lives, such as the children. Even though it is a myth, they love to hear the stories and imagine, building their fantasy. And yes, it is a big business. That part we should definitely ignore. I agree with that. I remember as a child hearing too little about the child Christ Jesus in that season, yet it being my most favorite part. Ok, somebody else set the date, and with questionable intentions. Have we the power to correct it for all people, do we even know precisely the correct dates? It would be nice and I would welcome that, along with a lot of people who like to do things right.
    Now as things are I think many people with good hearts truly remember Christ on Christmas and the Children get a chance to learn about him. Along with some myths and some humbug.

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