24 Replies to “Knights of Malta, Jesuits ,Vatican, The New World Order Elites”

  1. Good video. But you left out the part that all of these top cats are hardcore Lucifarians, they control CERN, and the quantum D-wave computers, that are trying to break through dimensions and summon demons. These are the same ones that are doing all the geo-engineering, HAARP tech, etc.

  2. I can't help but to wonder how well we, the majority of the allow this hand full of people to rule us. There are billions of us and there are only fifteen thousand of them and yet they keep us on our knees. We now have the technology on our side to become independent from them. What do you think?????

  3. Trump's in on it? It seems he's trying to 'clear the swamp', or whatever. And people are being exposed. So, just like to know for sure, if seems Trump is good or bad…!? Most preachers, etc. Support him, so. And first time EVER voting for me, this passed election b/c just had seen all evil seemed to be with Hillary, 'The Clinton's', figured it was 'good vs evil', really!

  4. if you think the globalist elites will redistribute their money in a some evil socialist empire you really are their fucking house nigger, they fear marxists more than anyone else we wanna take the elites money and redistribute that not your property

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