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  1. In every image I see Pluto worship/haides/molach all the same guy, gold crowns, and scepter, he is the one who sits on the throne, their sex, money, death, law god of time and space, the CGoat, Pluto in Capricorn, he is the 4 horses, 3 headed dog, harvest secretive who they all sacrifice to.

  2. there are some interesting thumbmails here. i didnt know that napoleons grandson founded the fbi, nor that the richest man at that time was on the titanic and had issues with the pope. i had to turn off the shouting though.

  3. lets get one thing straight. Firstly no one is denying that the Vatican and the pope is evil. Many under false pretenses have killed in the name of Jesus. No where in the king James bible does it say to go out and murder in Christ's name. Jesus said Go into all the world and preach the Gospel. When murder did happen in the Bible during Moses time and Joshuas time they only did as God instructed because the ones they were instructed to destroy weren't human. They where a sort of hybrid being that were created when the sons of God lusted after woman and had children which grew into Giant human like beings. It started pre flood and God flooded the earth to destroy these beings. Some say that a gene from these beings were in one of the stepdaughters of Noah. Canaan which was the ancestor of the Canaanites probably had this gene and past it onto the rest of his descendants. Ham the father of Canaan had shamed his father Noah so it could also be the curse of Ham brought upon Canaan . Either way there were Giants pre and post flood. Og the the king over Bashan and Gilead was purportedly 12'6" tall. Satan is a cherubim and that was why he was called light bearer because the cherubs which were beasts with four heads and six wings had to stand in front of God. Satan is only a fallen Angel. originally called Lucifer which means covering cherub. He was also referred to as Lucifer son of the morning which is probably in reference to what we thinks is a planet which is Saturn but is really a star which had its light taken from it.

  4. PLS don't get Order of 'Jesus' confused with the true savior. Catholicism is based on sun worship. They indorse the false Trinity of nimrod, semiramis and tammuz which is their 'jesus' it's rather the order of tammuz. anti-christ. These are the last days the veil is lifting. All praise to Yahuah in the name of Yahushua

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