“The Jesuits are a MILITARY organization, not a religious order. Their chief is a general of an army, not the mere father abbot of a monastery. And the aim of this organization is power, power in its most despotic exercise, absolute power, universal power, power to control the world by the volition of a single man [i.e., the Black Pope, the Superior General of the Jesuits]. Jesuitism is the most absolute of despotisms [sic] and at the same time the greatest and most enormous of abuses.”
Napoleon I (i.e., Napoleon Bonaparte; 1769-1821; emperor of the French)

The world is controlled by the Jesuits, Black Nobility, and the Vatican. The Jesuits are a military organization not a religious order. The vatican and the Jesuits are not Christianity. The New World Order is controlled by elite jesuits and the black pope Adolfo Nicolas. The world bankers are NOT top of the food chain. They all follow the jesuit order and follow the supreme jesuit general aka black pope Adolfo Nicolas. The other jesuit elites are Adolfo’s 6 generals which is known as his assistance. Adolfo directs and guide the white pope and tells him what to do and say. The white pope is not a christian. When Jesuits and the Vatican say they believe in God they are referring to Lucifer as the God. Christians have been fooled for centuries that the Vatican is pure and good when the Vatican and the Jesuits have destroyed sovereign nations across the globe. The illuminati was created by the Jesuits in the 1700’s because at that time Jesuitism was banned in 80 countries. People at that time knew the Vatican was corrupt and desired world dominance. A lot of ppl are now learnin about the new world order but they are being taught the fake jew banker world order. Yes i know world bankers have great power but they all follow the vatican. Think about it, every world leader goes to and respects the Vatican no matter what religion they believe in. The black pope Adolfo and his 6 generals control the Roman Catholic Church, the Vatican Bank(richest bank in the world), space laws, maritime laws, other jesuits, jesuit teachings in the Vatican, Knights of Malta, illuminati, black nobility, CIA, FBI, other secret services, Council of Foreign Relations, Bilderberg, IMF, multiple world banks, FED, and the trilateral commission. The illuminati, Bilderberg, CFR, IMF, etc is told what to do and is given ideas form the Jesuit Elite, The Jesuits also sank the titanic to kill the elite who opposed the idea of the FED in order to create the FED. The Jesuits were the ones that came up wit the idea of the UN. Alex Jones is a fraud and a half truther. He was hired by the Vatican to do alternative media because the Jesuits knew ppl were eventually gonna find out about the nwo so if you cant stop the truth from coming out then the next best thing is to control the way the truth is heard by putting NWO doublle agents in alternative media. Alternative Media has been hijacked and is now corrupt. You can still go to infowars but remember you are being told only certain things about the NWO. This is why Alex never talks about knights of malta, pope, roman catholic church, vatican, and the jesuits. His own sister goes to a jesuit school! So the REAL NWO is a jesuit world order not a jew world order!


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  1. The Italian Mafia have been plotting a take over in the United States for decades under directions from their owners the Black Nobility of Rome. The Black Nobility carried out a feigned retreat on La Cosa Nostra to get them out of the headlines in the 1980's as part of their plot to take over. Michael Franzese made it appear that he left the Colonna owned Colombo Crime family however he is the hidden top boss giving the orders covertly. The Gotti family also made it appear they got out of organized crime however John Gotti Jr. is the hidden acting boss of the Gaetani owned Gambino Crime family. Daniel Leo is one of the highest level bosses of the Savoy owned Genovese crime family that is not incarcerated and may be the true acting boss today while being advised by Dominick Cirillo. Liborio Bellomo is a top boss of the Genovese crime family however is propped up to distract from Danny Leo. Liborio Bellomo and his cousin also named Liborio Bellomo are both really sinister. The Bellomo family were a Sicilian Nobility and there is still a Bellomo Palace in Syracuse Sicily today. Many of the Black Nobility of Rome intermarried with the lower level Sicilian Nobility.

    The extremely evil Vincent Badalamenti is the real boss of the Boncompagni-Ludovisi owned Bonanno crime family while he cleverly shifted focus on his right hand man Michael Mancuso who is incarcerated and his assistant Tommy DiFiore. They are both considered top bosses above Vincent Badalementi but they are not. The Bonanno crime family were a Sicilian Nobility and there is a Bonanno Castle located in Palermo Sicily today. The Lucchese crime family has been weakened and in place the Albanian Rudaj Organization may have taken over. I believe Gambino associate Nardino Colotti is running the Rudaj Organization while Alex Rudaj advises him from prison. Franzese, Gotti, Leo, Badalementi, and Colotti are the top five bosses of New York's Five Families today. The Greek Valentzas crime family work closely with the Pallavicini owned Lucchese crime family which still have influences in organized crime. The Chicago Outfit is working with some of the Mexican drug cartels and Mexican mafia and are competitors with the Five Families. Al Capone a founder of the Chicago Outfit was a relative of the Florentine House of Capponi which still exist today. Count Neri Capponi is the current head of this nobility.

    Along with the Five Families are various other equally powerful Italian crime families including the DeCavalcante crime family and Girolamo Palermo and possibly Vincent Palermo as a triple agent as former boss turned informant that still covertly gives the orders. The Cavalcanti family were a Florentine nobility that later settled in Sicily. The DeCavalcante and Genovese crime families are likely related with the large Sicilian Sanseverino noble family as well. Mafia boss Sam DeCavalcante claimed to be from Italian royalty. The Chicago Outfit and John DiFronzo, the Detroit Partnership and Jack Giacalone, and the Los Angeles crime family managed by the Gambino family. The Patriarca crime family with Luigi Manocchio still giving the orders along with Carmen Dinunzio. The Philadelphia Crime Family and boss Joey "The Wizard" Merlino. The Magaddino crime family of Buffalo and boss Joseph Todaro Jr. and his enforcer Anthony Todaro, the French princely House of Orleans owned New Orleans crime family and Joseph Gagliano, the Kansas City crime family, the Licavoli crime family and the Denver crime family which are feigning retreat. The Rizzuto crime family and the Cuntrera-Caruana mafia operate in Canada and run La Cosa Nostra's South American drug lines.

    Other high level made men include the incarcerated Carmine Persico an adviser for the Colombo crime family, and John Gambino, Frank Cali, Tommaso Gambino, and Rosario Gambino and they manage the Adragna owned Los Angeles crime family today. The Sicilian princely House of Adragna used their Dragna family relatives to build up the Los Angeles crime family. The House of Adragna also run many factions of the Ndrangheta along with the Gaetani family. The Philadelphia crime family's members have the same last names as Black Nobility of Rome. George Borgesi like the Borghese princely family, Joseph Massimino like the Massimo princely family, and Michael Lancelotti like the Lancellotti princely family. The Massimo's have a family branch merged with the Lancellotti family and are presently intermarried with the Borghese family. The Italian Mafia make tens of billions per year through extortion, insurance fraud, heroin trafficking, gambling, business fraud, loan sharking, and more. They pay their dues back to the Sicilian factions which then pay dues back to the Black Nobility. The Black Nobility own and run the Holy See, Society of Jesus, SMOM, KOC, and La Cosa Nostra which is the greatest threat.

  2. Its Not Politically correct However: it is Historically Correct


    Good Video even more relevant now today (with a Jesuit Pope)
    there are Now two black popes and two white popes
    Also for One not to notice that the Vatican is stacking up Political powers Worldwide One has to be extremely near sighted


  4. I have learned much from this video.  I knew the catholic church had banished some order from the vatican in the 1500s but I couldn't remember its name, but it was the Jesuits, the same ones who created the ILluminati, thought I didn't know that.  I did know there was a rotschild connection though.  Great video but I want more proof, more sources this is true.

  5. The teapot calling the kettle black here. It's the collusion of BOTH bloodlines & supposed "religious" orders, that is The Vatican & The Jesuits in the greedy, murderous evil bed of The Rothchilds, Morgans, Rockefellers, DuPont, Bush, etc. AND they're all Luciferians hiding within the walls of their interwoven secret societies (the same ones JFK tried to warn us about) & executing a One World or New World Order they've been putting together for a plethora of years. WE ALL MUST PRAY INCESSANTLY (aloud & within) to Jesus The Christ (Yahshua ha Mashiach) for His triumphant & EARLY return in behalf of our Creator & Father; Adonay; The Almighty Righteous & Holy Lord God of Hosts with The Holy Spirit to abort the murderous eugenic plan of these 1%ers who go about systematically destroying the economies of the world in order they set up THEIR false god (Lucifer) as the ruler of this world..

  6. There is good and bad in every group. People are basically the same. The royal families of Europe and Britain gave the hofjuden Rothschilds their start. The royals and the Vatican(the oldest power bloc in existence) are no doubt at the top.

    The entire US elite are dual citizens – what a load of crap.I don't deny that some Jews do evil like the Rothschilds, but I don't condemn the entire global Jewish population because a tiny minority are bad. You are a neo-Nazi who is contributing to anarchy.

  7. yeah right the facts about a group of non-elected men scamming and killing their way towards the total enslavement of the human race always tickles the funny bone right? wake up people make your own videos format the vid how ever you see fit reaching as many people as you can with facts should be the goal. use all the info in this video add your own formatting/presentation, I mean after you do your homework in cross checking all the points made right? Great info bro keep'em coming

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