Series exploring the coming New World Order from a Biblical perspective. In this part we begin looking at the insidious Jesuits and their founder Ignatius Loyola. Here are the links referenced in the video.


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24 Replies to “Know Your Enemy (Part 33 – The Jesuits)”

  1. read loyola's "synthesis of christ" 1 of the most luciferian things ever written. in no uncertain terms he says don't trust your own lying eyes, listen only to your ordained superiors, even if you "know" they're wrong. because you can't know, true faith is blind obedience. ends justify the means, might makes right, gain is godliness, he's very up front about it

  2. I believe he wasn't do to it saying that while in the cave he received his doctrin and practices from the snake like figure. So I would say that he went with his own teachings and didnt follow scripture "lean not to your own understanding."

  3. Why don't you people simply return to the original Christianity, the Orthodox Church, and stop letting yourselves being deceived by the Catholics and their offspring ? Read a little bit of Church history, get to know who the Orthodox are. It's such a shame that all of those reformation martyrs died without even considering returning to the roots of Christianity, the old Orthodox Church, so bitterly persecuted by the Catholics.

  4. Did anyone else notice the faces in the backround of the painting of Ingious Loyola? Starts around 1:25 and in the backround you can see faces. At first I saw one, then I saw them all over and they look Humanoid but with alien like features. Check it out and tell me if you see it as well. It might be hard to spot but it's there. At 1:44 you can definitly see a woman behind his left shoulder. It almost looks like she's crying.

  5. Unquestionable obedience to superiors is often used as an excuse for war atrocities, but Jesus will judge everyone to what they did, even if they were only "following orders". Our corrupted system today only judge the one giving the orders, I think this is pathetic.

  6. If Jesus had a few hundred men who were willing to give Him the kind of obedience that He gave our Father, then the souls of this world who wanted God would come to Him, and the rest of the Jews could accept their Messiah.
    Will you give Him your constant, immediate obedience from today onward? You must first come out of the world. Then you must start obeying the truth that you already know. Read the Sermon on the Mount, and do what He says. It will not be long before Jesus starts teaching you.

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