Leo Zagami Exposes The Satanic Takeover Of The Vatican And More

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  1. At it's best at the lower levels, freemasons always favor and hire other freemasons over the unknowing populus, and swear to defend their brothers even unto death( even in criminal situations). At the higher levels they finally commit to worshiping Lucifer

  2. My question for Alex Jones is are you a Zionists and how much are you worth? You seem so self centered sometime I wonder if it's for a purpose…to distract the viewer from learning more or to be a self loving proud victim? Regardless, your style is aggressive and many times rude. I like your show but your style is a "turn off".

  3. I admire Signoro Zagami but I have a question for. These groups or lodges must have an approval by an authority to operate. My question is are all of these groups to include governments controlled by one entity and who is that? Is that the U.K. or the Catholic church or a Rothschild entity? I understand every person can choose a path and sometimes it's black and sometime it's white. I would think this authority would be concern for the bad reputation it's getting. I kind of think, about the Grand Lodges, that money or paper is more attractive than the tradition and that is why we have the problem. I think that is very sad and the interested gets an uncomfortable feeling about the whole deal. The essence or spirit should resonate or enlighten the person not the human error.

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