Who are the Jesuits, really?
Contrary to popularized mythology, the Jesuits are neither a part of nor product of Western Christianity. The order was created at Venice during the 16th century, to be the new secret-intelligence arm of the powerful family funds of Venice. Through Venice’s control over the Hapsburg Emperor, Charles V, the Hapsburgs conquered and looted Rome in 1527 A. D., and made the Vatican virtually a prisoner of Venetian-Hapsburg policy during much of the period, until the Vatican was freed through the successful defeat of the’ Hapsburgs in 1653 by the successive work of Cardinals Richelieu and Mazarin. Venice and Genoa are not politically, culturally, or religiously products of Western civilization. They were and remain both colonies of the Justinian faction of Byzantium, and have been, more recently together with the Venetian puppet-state of Switzerland, the capital of the Justinian faction of Byzantium ever since the Venetians’ Neoplatonic adversary, the Paleologues, rose to power in Constantinople. Except for recurring, persisting Neoplatonic insurrections within Byzantium, the Eastern Church’s patriarchate has not been Christian since the Emperor Justinian. The Eastern, Justinian Church was developed as a form of pseudo-Christianity modeled upon the Roman Imperial mystery religions. Roman Imperial paganism and Byzantine pseudo-Christianity share the common generic name of Gnosis-Gnosticism. Every major evil which Western European civilization has suffered since Charlemagne’s time has been a direct result of subversions of religious and political life mediated through that Venetian-centered collection of Gnostic oligarchical families. These are typified by the “black nobility” of Italy, Austro-Hungary and Russia’s “Black Hundred,” all outgrowths of the ByzantineVenetian-Genoese deployment to establish powerful families of its faction in various parts of the world such as the anglophile heathens of New York City’S Anglican Cathedral of St. John the Divine today. The 15th-century Golden Renaissance enabled the Augustinian Neoplatonic faction to undermine and weaken the corruption which the Venetians and Genoese had established under the auspices of the 13th and 14th centuries’ pro-Aristotle inquisitions.
Under this specific circumstance, Venice created a new, more rigidlydesigned new order, the Jesuits. Through the military subjugation of the Papacy in 1527, Venice was situated to impose the Jesuits upon the Vatican as an autonomous power within the Church under its own “Black Pope.” This new order, the Jesuits, was based on Gnostic religious doctrine, and modeled, as a secret-intelligence service of Venice and the Hapsburgs, on the Cult of Apollo at Delphi. Hence, the Jesuits themselves emphasize that their method is the “Delphic method,” the method of sophistry developed by Aristotle’s masters up through the fourth century B.C.

A review of how the Venetianbased feudal oligarchy created the Jesuits in the sixteenth century as a battering ram against the Church’s Augustinian city-building networks provides part of the answer. A look at the Jesuits’ deployments to protect the Venetian black nobility from the threat posed by humanist republican forces intent· on establishing sovereign nation-states provides the rest.

Because of its role as the oligarchy’s secret service from 1540 up to the order’s suppression by Pope Clement XIV in 1773-and beyond-there was not one section of society, either lay or ecclesiastical, which has not at one time or another been after the blood of the Jesuits.
The Jesuit generals were “wetworks” specialists. and po~ularly known as the “black popes.’ They arranged the assassination of William of Orange in 1584, Henry III of France in 1589, Henry IV of France in 1601, and tried repeatedly to kill Elizabeth I of England. Their murderous activities were well known and most Europ.ean governments decreed, their expulsion ‘on at least one occasion.


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  1. Leo Zagami, the Jesuit Order, just like other Catholic institutions have been infiltrated by the devil and his minions. The enemy knows, to max out their attack on the Church, this Order needs to be taken as opposed to some recluse contemplative order. You obviously do not know the history of this Order, and I doubt you know the history of the Catholic Church. The Jesuits at its peak, lead the counter reformation in Europe when the Protestants were going to take Catholicism down. Together with the Dominicans, they were able to put this Protestant initiative to rest, and continue their world-wide missions. The best Catholic schools all over the world are run by the Jesuits and its graduates are often the defenders of the Church. You Zagami, could be the new Dan Brown.

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