1. The purpose of this bracelet is a form of protection from the evil eye, which many believe is a negative force that imposes harm with just a look. The Kabbalah bracelet is supposed to help face the negativity in one's life, such as bad influences, selfishness "unfriendly stares" and glances. It is to aid those in getting rid of the negativity in one's life forever. It acts as a "protective shield," a powerful healing instrument, and helps in bringing good fortune to one's life. 

    so that would mean it's the opposite of what your thinking.

  2. In one of your vids you said only 2% are awake, I'm wondering how you arrived at that number? I don't personally know anyone who is awake. I used to try to lead whoever I could to the truth but they didn't want to go there. Everyone I know is in a cult, including my brothers & sisters in Christ, & even the pastors at my church. They don't even want to look into 911 as a place to start, & they would become ugly if I mentioned the rampant pedo-satanism. They attack me. At first I was surprised at the reactions & the willful ignorance, but now I expect it & I don't try anymore. I would show them the most blatant example of occultism in pop culture or whatever & they would just wave it away & accuse me of being a conspiracy theorist. I will always be thankful to God for leading me to the truth, but when I heard you say 2% I was really shocked to realize maybe i will never know another person in real life who is awake 🙁

  3. 'i bless you in The Righteous Name of Life's eternal Creator, The Father of Angel spirits–KING of Kings Living G-d of Truth death's Destroyer, The Sovereign Judge of All Angel spirit and Flesh; and i bless you in The righteous Name of HIS resurrected Angel of Life-Breadth-Sacred Bl00d Spirit of Truth, righteous Light SUN of Abel Mankind, eternal W0rd of All HIS Creation, our redeemer." thank you for teaching me things that i did not know. 'for My Peoples perish for lack of knowledge.'

  4. " A call for uprising " You got so much knowledge, your History is correct. Can you tell us about your back ground.
    i am not christian but impressed with " Idol & Music beings Demons in our Life "
    i believe Jesus was Mesaya

  5. A call for answering uprising…yes Very much so…kaballah is in definately SATANIC and nothing else…there are enought evidences….Very much like scientology…too dangerous,too unfare Just to control and manipolate people weak life and get a lot of money out of followers.

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