Leonardo Dicaprio Satanic Illuminati Kabbalah Exposed

Leonardo Dicaprio Satanic Illuminati Kabbalah Exposed!




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  1. yeah well if you watch that video very closely, you can see that the pope is just going through the motions and waiting on that check… dolla dolla bills y'all. Keep your eyes on the pope… he's not a "people" person… they have getting that money choreographed down to the bit, man… all the gifts probably go straight into the trash. We've lost the art of just reading each other due to tech and virtual reality and staged events…

  2. Any legit medium would tell you that evoking spirits, bringing them to our realm is extremely dangerous. Only mediums can do it safely for themselves but not us normal average people, we should stay away. So this Hollywood Cabala club is open for everyone seems like, which is what satanism means exactly, involving everyone and everything in this worshipping. Satanism exist yes, just like Jesus does exist, but stay away from black magic, it can cost you your soul.

  3. The bible is satanic and full of ancient lies that cause followers to judge others. It has its good points in the innocent, church people that have no idea what they do and share Love compassionately. There is no reason to view everything according to Christianity. What if Jesus exists outside of Christianity waiting for you to wake up to find him??

  4. What makes me so 😡 mad, is that they are so bold with it. They don't even care if you know!!!? they love Lucifer!!! They are really sick people!! all we can do right now is pray for them that they get right with God. Before it's too late!!!!

  5. If these cults are secret societies like everyone say then how do you know so much about these symbols and how do you know what they practice .You're contradicting your self , have you ever seen what they do ? are you one of them ? lmao

  6. Like your video but i dated a beautiful jewish woman , and i have a dear woman youtube friend also jewish. Are you saying they use/used black magic and are evil? Vanessa was an I.B. Student at old scona with a 96% average. She didnt believe in the bible.. But never did any of this stuff.

  7. Dude! Allah is the name of God which is used by ALL Middle Eastern countries and Semitic languages, such as Hebrew,Arabic and Aramaic! Now to your knowledge Jesus himself referred to God as "Allah" in Aramaic language which he spoke? What is ironic that you guys worship Jesus but don`t even know who he worshiped and what he called to God he worshiped? This is ignorance to the highest order, no offence. But you got to know your path your religion before you following it i guess.

  8. About the red ribbon thing….umm can someone explain it to me because i thought thats used to be SAFE from witchcraft and demonic things.
    I wear one on my left wrist too, just like these actors mentioned, when i first put it on i had no idea what it meant or anything i just put it on because i liked it and years later i found out that it keeps you safe from witchcraft and im like "oh ok cool" and now its demonic?!
    Bottom line is just because you wear something blue, red, green on your leg, feet etc means that your part or you believe in something? I dont get it

  9. Allah is the Arabic word for God which is even used in the Arabic bible, so you might as well have used the word God, in your analysis.

    Also, Muslims are better practicing Christians than Christians themselves. Yes, Muslims believe in Jesus (Peace be upon him), who is mentioned more than Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) in the Qur'an. There is a whole chapter in the Qur'an named after Mary, the best of women. Muslim men till today dress like Jesus (PBUH), with the beard and caftans while women maintain their modesty like Mary, with the head scarf and long cloaks. When Jesus (PBUH) returns to this earth, he will easily be able to differentiate between his followers and enemies, just by looking at their dress code.

    Furthermore, I agree that the kabala was stolen from Prophet Solomon, who hid the dark arts away underneath his throne. Unfortunately, the image of Solomon (PBUH) has been tarnished by the very same kabalists.

  10. I learned a lot about the Kabbalah and the history of it at the Olivet Journal. Also learned about the fake jews. Very interesting information to have. There is so much deception it is overwhelming sometimes. Gotta keep praying and reading the word and believing in Jesus.

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