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Here is part 3 of Lightning Return’s main quest. Only one more to go. All of our GLP subscribers know that we typically DON’T like doing the “all-cutscenes-game-movies” in parts, but we are going to make an exception for Lightning Returns. The game is long so we are going to upload the game movie in 4 parts, as the game is also divided into 4 main quest. As always we tried to include relevant gameplay and in-game conversations that is important to the main story. There is a lot of talking in this game, a lot of explainions of the story. While a lot of it is critical, a good portion of it is also redundant. We tried to choose the most important parts of the dialogue. There are also a lot of side quest to do in this game, so I made sure to cut out all the excess story and only focus on the main quests of the game. We hope you enjoy and as always, please like, comment, and subscribe!

Gameplay by javihavi
Edited by KnowLedge

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