11 Replies to “Lola Rae At Destination Africa Concert”

  1. I like Lola Rae, but I think this performance could of been better. Some of the pauses were horrible executed/thought out and I wish she would have sung more. Maybe her reason for not singing more was because she was putting her all in dancing and I know it takes a lot oft raining to dance,sing and breathe at the same time. Her interaction with the audience was great though. Looking forward to hearing more music and I wish she had the lyrics to her song a long with the videos so I know how to pronounce the words right.

  2. At first, descredited her for using a little much autotune. Can't deny she has an awesome stage presence and she is beautiful of course. Wish her the best. We meed more females in this male dominated music scene of Afro pop and Afrobeats. go girl! nee

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