Los Alumbrados (proto-Jesuits) conceived plot for world domination as worldwide Romanoid Slavocracy.

Los Alumbrados original Illuminati – Mysterious origins of Los Alumbrados – NWO taking shape as Romanoid Slavocracy – Weishaupt added technocratic elements to Jesuitry – Position of Psychiatry in NWO – Psychiatry has declared war on truth-seekers – Truth is in the asylums and the words of schizophrenics and neurotics – Mind-war between Psychiatry and truth-seekers – Psychiatrists seeking their own world dominion through mind-control – Jesuit relationship to Catholicism – Concessions of King John to Pope Innocent III – Conspiracy to put Pope Francis in Office as first Jesuit Pope? – Papal Infallibility – “A Scanner Darkly”.


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  1. You are one of the most genuine truthers out there. Few have it so refinely understood as you.

    And most people will not go down this path, because it is lonely. And lonely for a multitude of reasons. I get where you are coming from. I'm just surprised anyone is there. I have so much respect for you. You are at a level of awake that very few are. Your thoughts and the way you speak are just so great to hear.

  2. I just bought Allen chase’s book on Malthus Titled “the legacy of Malthus, the social costs of the new scientific racism” I think there’ll be lots of good excerpts that I plan on putting in my book I’m working on, Allen chase also wrote a great book titled “Falange :the axis secret army in the America’s” I got a copy of that one

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