Interesting part of a lecture by Dr. Robert Maryks on his “The Jesuit Order as a Synagogue of Jews: Jesuits of Jewish Ancestry and Purity-of-Blood Laws in the Early Society of Jesus”.
February 24, 2010, at the Boston College. Robert Maryks is Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Jesuit Studies & Series of Jesuit Studies (Brill).

Curriculum Vitae Dr. Maryks:

“In “The Jesuit Order as a Synagogue of Jews” the author explains how Christians with Jewish family backgrounds went within less than forty years from having a leading role in the foundation of the Society of Jesus to being prohibited from membership in it. The author works at the intersection to two important historical topics, each of which attracts considerable scholarly attention but that have never received sustained and careful attention together, namely, the early modern histories of the Jesuit Order and of Iberian purity of blood concerns. An analysis of the pro- and anti-converso texts in this book (both in terms of what they are claiming and what their limits are) advance our understanding of early modern, institutional Catholicism at the intersection of early modern religious reform and the new racism developing in Spain and spreading outwards.”


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  1. Anyone who has been involved in “truth seeking” for some time now is sure to have come across the people who will try to convince you that the Jesuit Order (aka Society of Jesus) are really at the top of this worldwide crime network. These people will relentlessly and tirelessly attempt to fill your head with ideas that the Jesuits of Rome really run the show from behind the scenes and that everything else is “disinformation”. This theory seems to have become more popular and far reaching on the internet and you will see more and more people parroting this stuff loud and clear to anyone who will naively listen. I am going to show you that not only is this theory complete bunk nonsense that is popular primarily amongst crazies, nutjobs, Jews, and Jew defenders, but that the Jesuits are actually crypto-Jews. So even if this ridiculous theory were true, it would still mean that the Jews are and always have been behind this global criminal cabal.
    Who Promotes this Theory and Why?

    First let us discuss the very people who promote this nonsense and analyze them to see if it gives us any indications of what their motives might be. The biggest and most popular promoter of this stuff is a guy named Eric John Phelps who wrote a pathetic book called Vatican Assassins in which he makes a series of superfluously unsubstantiated claims alleging that the Vatican & the Jesuits run the world and is behind everything from JFK assassination to 9/11. This book is pretty much a 99.99% made up lie.

    This pathetic piece of garbage literally makes shit up as he goes along and has no sources to back any of his claims up. Unsurprisingly he was taken to school in a debate vs. Michael Collins Piper, author of the great book Final Judgment. Eric Phelps has a ridiculously palpable connection that clearly illustrates why he promotes this garbage. On his website under the donations section it asks for all money orders to be sent to the address of LOWVEHM Inc., the company he runs. Now if you go to the LOWVEHM website you will quickly see that it is a diamond and jewels company that receives its diamonds wholesale straight from Tel Aviv, Israel! So the guy’s income is dependent on Israeli Blood Diamonds and he blames the Jesuits for everything. Need I say any more? I shouldn’t have to but I will. Not only does this Israeli diamond thing make he look like a total shill for the Jews but he admitted that his wife is a Russian Jew and that he is a Christian Zionist himself. He also smears anyone who doesn’t agree with his nonsense by calling them a “Jesuit Coadjutor” (which is just a pathetic made up fictional term). There is plenty more dirt on the guy that can be found HERE but this is just so over-the-top obvious that I am gobsmacked that anyone actually takes anything this guy says seriously. You have to be incredulously stupid, or a Jew to promote this guy and his conspiracy theories about the Jesuits running the world. We’re done with him, he deserves no more attention, and please, nobody ever bring up this con-artist to me ever again.

    Why is it that Phelps’ paypal account works just fine, when anybody who says anything about Jews on their website gets their paypal immediately shut down? The answer is obvious, the Jesuits don’t run squat. Other than that freak, the people who usually promote the Jesuits stuff are either Jews, Christian Zionists, or just kooks who are bored with blaming the obvious culprits and are looking for a “cool” / “interesting” conspiracy theory to fantasize about in their basements while jerking off to gay porn all day. I’ve chatted with quite a few of these people on youtube and other places and if you take a look at their profiles they promote pretty much anything that sounds crazy & far-out like the “No Planes” and “Space Beams” on 9/11 theories. Why do a majority of them also promote that stuff as well? Because they are just crazy conspiracy theorists looking for something “interesting” to obsess about when they are not playing World Of Warcraft on their mom’s computers.
    The Jesuits are in fact Jewish

    One of the most devastating things to the notion that the Jesuits are at the top of this thing is the fact that more than a lot of the Jesuits are in fact Jewish. The Jesuit Order is in reality a Jewish Order masquerading as a Catholic one as a cover, so even if they were at the top it’s still a Jewish conspiracy.
    "We Jesuits take pleasure in admitting those of Jewish ancestry." J. Nadal Morey

    "We Jesuits take pleasure in admitting those of Jewish ancestry." – J. Nadal Morey

    An excellent resource documenting all the so called Jesuits who are really Jews turned Catholic, hence “crypto-Jews”, can be found at Jesuit Order in its founding was very much Jewish. All five of its founding members were Marrano Jews (i.e. Jews masquerading as Christians).
    Ignatius Loyola – Founder of the Jesuit Order (JEW)

    Ignatius Loyola – Founder of the Jesuit Order (Jewish)
    Alfonso Salmeron – Jewish

    Alfonso Salmeron – Jewish
    Diego Lainez – Jewish

    Diego Lainez – Jewish
    Nicolas Bodadilla – Jewish

    Nicolas Bodadilla – Jewish
    Simao Rodriguez

    Simao Rodriguez – Jewish

    In his article Synagogue of Satan, John S. Torell states:

    “In 1491 San Ignacio De Loyola was born in the Basque province of Guipuzcoa, Spain. His parents were Marranos and at the time of his birth the family was very wealthy. As a young man he became a member of the Jewish Illuminati Order in Spain. As a cover for his crypto Jewish activities, he became very active as a Roman Catholic.”

    Marranos are Spanish Jews who outwardly converted to a different religion, often times Roman Catholic, in order to evade persecution and expulsion for their treacherous actions, while secretly maintaining the religion of Judaism as well as practicing the Cabbala (Jewish Mystisism).

    Furthermore, Loyola’s secretary, Polanco, was also of Jewish descent and was the only person present at Loyola’s deathbed. James Lainez who succeeded Loyola as the second Jesuit General was also of Jewish descent.(#) Add a (W) after the (E) in Jesuits and what do you get? Jewsuits. A more fitting name.

    It’s quite funny how the promoters in the “Jesuits run it all” theories conveniently fail to mention these important facts and attempt to project the Jesuits as purely Roman Catholic. And these skumbags also have the audacity to call us “anti-Semites” while promoting blatantly anti-Catholic conspiracy theories with no facts in hand at all. The Jesuits themselves are crypto-Jews and so are the promoters in the Black Pope theories. The Jews disguise themselves as the religion of their enemies, continue with their treachery under this false guise, and then get everybody to blame their disguise for the world’s problems. Ingenious

  2. The Pope Wears a Yarmulke

    Jewish infiltration of the Vatican stems back many hundreds of years, and it would be safe to say that the Jews have a strong vice-grip over that institution, from the inside out. One of the most blatant examples of the Jewishness of the Vatican is the fact that the Pope himself wears a fricken Yarmulke.
    Why is the pope wearing a Yarmulke? Please explain.

    Why is the pope wearing a Yarmulke? Please explain.
    The Pope Sucks Up to Israel
    Pope Benedict w/ Shimon Peres and Bibi Netanyahu

    Pope Benedict w/ Peres & Netanyahu

    Pope Benedict has made several visits to Israel where he blatantly sucks up to them and praises them.
    Jews Demonize the Vatican
    Agent of Israel

    Agent of Israel

    There are multiple instances where Israel and Jews have attempted to demonize the Vatican when they aren’t co-operative or subservient to their will. One example is the Jewish-controlled mass media going on a massive demonization campaign against Catholic priests (i.e. Jesuits) with accusations of pedophilia and Satanism. While some of these accusations have proven to be true, many of these claims could easily be embellished or fabricated by the Jewish-controlled mass media when the Vatican does something the Jews don’t like — for instance when the Vatican strongly OPPOSED the Iraq war. Blackmail anyone? And whose to say that these Pedophiles and Satanists in the Catholic Church aren’t just crypto-Jews? To boot, the man who came out with a lot of those accusations was Fr. Malachai Martin who is a ex-Jesuit Zionist who, during the second Vatican Council, drafted the document which exonerated the Jews from culpability in the execution of Jesus Christ. So, the man who writes books claiming the Catholic Church is full of pedophiles and Satanists is a Zionist who exonerates the Jews for murdering Jesus. Go figure.

    Another more recent example of Jews trying to demonize the Vatican in the press was this story about how a pamphlet that was being passed out to the IDF troops in Israel claimed that the Vatican was training Hezbollah how to kill Jews.

    It is redundantly obvious that the Vatican is infiltrated and blackmailed by Jews which utterly puts to shame any notion that the “Jesuits” control anything let alone Israel and Jews. It’s the other way around.
    Who Controls the Vatican Treasure?

    The Jewish Encyclopedia (Vol. 2, p. 497) admits that…

    “A number of Catholics undertook to organize a competitor bank to rival the Rothschild power… sometime about 1830. The Rothschild’s crushed it.”

    It says further:

    “It is a somewhat curious sequel to the attempt to set up a Catholic competitor to the Rothschilds that at the present time (1905) the latter are the guardians of the papal treasure.” (#)

    So the Jewish Rothschild banking dynasty controls the Vatican treasure.
    They Cannot Explain Away Bishop Williamson
    Truth Hero

    Bishop Williamson – Truth Hero

    If the Jesuits are so bad and evil than how do you explain Bishop Richard Williamson? Catholic Bishop (Jesuit) Richard Williamson is a great man who has valiantly publicly stated that 9/11 was a fraud, a lie, and that the holocaust was also a lie. Many of these Black Popers will shy away from any reference of Bishop Williamson and nary a mention of one of his excellent sermons exposing 9/11 among other crimes. I have even heard some pathetic cretins say he is “controlled opposition” like stuppering little maggots. These cowards won’t hesitate to defame a person who has more courage in his fingernail than they have in their entire bodies. Bishop Williamson puts his very livelihood and safety on the line when he speaks out about these subjects. Soulless cockroaches who attack him because he puts to shame this “Jesuit Conspiracy” claim are a complete waste of oxygen.

    Do Jesuits control the Media, own Hollywood, the Federal Reserve, and constantly inhabit high positions in government? Nope. Have Jesuits been expelled from 109 locations since 250 AD? Nope. Did Jesuits run the African Slave trade, instigate WWI & WWII, invent Communism & Neo-Conservatism, perpetrate the 9/11 attacks, attack the U.S.S. Liberty, assassinate JFK, run the Diamond District, Porn Industry, run the Drug Trade? Nope. Are you called “anti-Catholic” for blaming Jesuits for everything under the sun that they don’t even do? Nope, but we’re called anti-Semitic for blaming the people which ALL of the evidence shows are the ones responsible.

    Any further discussion of this topic is a complete and utter waste of time. In fact that is the whole point of this Jesuits stuff is… to waste your time. It is just another Jewish distraction that people like to point at to cover for the Jewish crime network. It is no different than blaming the Bilderbergers, CFR, the Illuminati, or the New World Order. The sad thing is that the people who believe in this stuff think they are “awake” and “in the know” and that everybody else is being “fooled” and “led astray”. These type of people are bordering on mental illness. Do not talk to them, do not humor their nonsense, just laugh and scoff at their unpragmatic junk conspiracy theory.

  3. +CloverPickingHarp it's not pleasant to see Phelps going completely mad, but he really deserves it. He's a liar, a deceiver, a "Christian"-Zionist and a racist.

    The Elat Pressman interviews are also very informative, you should listen to them, and I've found other interesting researchers on the web who never did interviews so far, or only one or two, like Cliff Shack, who knows a lot about the Sabbatians and about Rabbi Antelman's research.  

    Robert Maryks' books are expensive, at least $100. The first part of this lecture on the Jewish roots of the Jesuits was blocked by YouTube in France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, etc. 🙂  But Maryks is not as much hated yet by the Sabbatean-Frankists as Christopher Jon Bjerknes. Since November 2013 YouTube already 8 times sent me the message that Bjerknes' video "Worldwide Zionist Domination" is blocked in before mentioned countries….  

  4. Keep this playlist going strong, I just got Hendrie's Mystery Babylon off Scrbd so eager to get into that, but this whole Jesuit business needs to be properly situated and you clearly have the best grasp of all the information of the researchers who have come to similar conclusions. I'm seeing it everywhere bc it suits them much better and more comfotably than their perceived racism.  They are scared of being labelled.  Phelps is a liar, he qoutes Nesta Webster out of context wildly to support his presuppositions.  When the exact work and pages he quotes from comes to the complete opposite conclusion he does.  Ironically now Phelps is preaching segregation and defending the Antebellum south slavery position, can you imagine?.  He's gone completely mad, it's great, I tried listening to a video of his and he is just ranting and screaming about this video is for WASP's only. 

    David Livingstone on The Crusades: "One possible avenue for the transition of the Gnostic knowledge of the Sepher ha-Bahir, corroborated by rumours familiar in the occult, is that the famous Knights Templar had undertaken excavations beneath the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem. The Templars became the focus of the verious Arthurian romances, which gained popularity in the twelfth century. Arthur was said to hold court at Camelot, and to have gathered the Knights of the Round Table, including Lancelot, Gawain, Galahad, and others, who were descendants of the Fisher Kings. These knights engaged in fabulous quests, most importantly, the quest for the “Holy Grail”.
    The Grail legends therefore refer cryptically to the Templar project in the Holy Land. The Guilhemid family (descendants of Rabbi Makhir) seems to have conspired to ignite the Crusades against the Muslims, in order to conduct excavations in the Holy Land, to retrieve Kabbalistic texts, that were known to have been buried there. The agents of the Guilhemids were the Templars. It was among the Jews of Narbonne, who were governed by the Guilhemids, that what scholars refer to as the Medieval Kabbalah was developed. When scholars speak of the Kabbalah, specifically, they refer to the school of mystical thought that originated in the Languedoc, in the late twelfth century, incepted by the appearance of the Sepher ha-Bahir, while acknowledging that it was based on a tradition dating back to at least to Babylon in the sixth century BC."

  6. Thnx for sharing all those vids of Eustace Mullins , thats why i subscribed to your channel.
    I am a dutchman and just recently stumbled upon people like Mullins and Zundel and Irving. It seems my country is totally submitted and people really don't have a clue about it here , were all brainwashed by zionist run media like the publishing houses , tv and ziowood.
    They just recently erected an 11 meter menora here (the town Nijkerk), its the largest one in europe.
    Seems like they have a fetish for number like 11 (and multiples of it) , 13 and ofcourse 666.

  7.  The Amsterdam Sephardic community was one of the largest and richest in Europe during the Dutch Golden Age, and their very large synagogue reflected this.
    The Jews were expelled en masse from Spain in 1492 by the Alhambra decree. Many who fled to Portugal were forced to convert to Catholicism in 1496, while the other Jews were expelled from Portugal in 1497. For hundreds of years, the Inquisition continued to investigate the converts and their descendants on suspicions that in secret they still practiced Judaism (see Crypto-Judaism, Marrano).

    Some of those who wished to enjoy a freedom of religion found refuge in Amsterdam. During a substantial migration that took place in the 17th century, these Jewish refugees from the Iberian peninsula called themselves Portuguese Jews to avoid being identified with Spain, which was at war with the Dutch Republic at the time (see Eighty Years' War).
    It  is a 17th-century Sephardic synagogue in Amsterdam, called the Portugese Synagogue and right away we got our "Golden Age" in the Netherlands, but as i understood they lived a complete seperated live from the dutch jews (most were poor working class).

  8. i have just had a right good debate with a couple of "you tubers" saying the jesuits are not jewish.after lots of persauding i convinced them to visit your channel and afterwards the replies were more than positive with a few more imformed people but whats funny is as soon i visit your channel again this is the first video i see,ironic and fitting.

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