The Luciferian Order of The Knights Templar- Gary Wayne-Genesis 6 Conspiracy: NowYouSeeTV
Gary Wayne author of “Genesis 6 Conspiracy” and myself discuss the origin and secrets of the Knights Templar. They are satanic in structure and date back to the original catch all secret society. They spawned orders such as the Freemasons, Jesuits, Rosicrucian, Illuminati, etc…
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44 Replies to “Luciferian Order of The Knights Templar- Gary Wayne-Genesis 6 Conspiracy: NowYouSeeTV”

  1. These people are liars . Their research is twisted to meet their beliefs. What they think is what they think . The Knights are making a come back& they will take care of our president &Make sure that the dark state-shadow government goes away permanently.

  2. Ten minutes in and you have both got it wrong. Instead of slating groups that you know nothing about, why don't you personally talk to these people and find truth? I think that if you take time to find facts, you will find that your Christian religion is the most corrupt organisation on the planet consisting of mass murderers, paedophiles, rapists and money launderers. As they say: a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. . .


  4. The Red Cross is of Asclepos…. and is Azazel, according to many accounts. As this would equate to the Roman deity, Saturn god of the Jews… as well as Mithras…. and the Isamic Allah… Angry Manu of Zoroastrianism….Shiva of Hinduism…. and Mithras…. They worship underground for the imprisonment of their god, replete with skulls and bones…

  5. So I'm confussed here, were only the knights templars the bad ones??? were the knights hospitallers, knights of St. Jean, knights of malta, teutonic knights actually the good ones and did defend the pilgrimage??? or where they all bad??? Now just to be clear, when I say ''bad'' I mean part of the 13 families, the royalties and bloodlines. At the beginning he kinda explains about what each organization did but he only said ''they'' without being specific and that got me confussed. I think it's from minute 5 to15 but he never specified, he only kept saying they, and when he was talking about another organization different than the templars he did not specify which one.. So please can someone explain to me just that part.

  6. To get a more in depth reading of the Templars one should truly read 'History of the Knights Templar' written by Charles G. Addison in 1842. And for those who do not know, there is a hidden war between Templar orders who have divided between "True Protestant" and the Catholics.

  7. I am a Merovingian descendant through Robert the Bruce's only daughter and her only son- they claim to be descendants of Saul's sons daughter- one daughter fled to Egypt then married a French Merovingian king and founded Scotland- her name was Scotia. The originator of the Merovingian king line Charlamaign (sp?) claimed his father was a dragon from the sea. His line has notoriously has psychic and healing abilities. I have been plagued by aliens and demons- I think it's a result of this blood line

  8. YouTube dumbfucks are f**** idiots the gnostics weren't evil , sick f****, youd Church is the mouth that issue evil f**** sick f** yeah let's go Slaughter all the people that aren't stupid enough to believe are stupid s*** for trying to force down their throat that's what your church did now what's left is stupid ass f** like you people like me are the survivors of the ones you didn't wipe out. Christianity, Judaism, Islam is spiritual cancer. Abrahamic monotheism is pure scumbag f**** rapist punk b****. you all need to die save this world from your stupidity so go kill yourself.
    Hail Odin kiss Freyja and ride the lightning with Thor!
    Burn Jehovah fuck Mary and crucify Jesus some more!!

    now it's time to burn the Christians they must pay their Karma's price when they pray they never listen as they will star as sacrifice now we must obliterate Muslims there are backstabbing cowardly rapist scum they have raped our mothers boundaries with the evil sick twisted s*** they've done now it's kike extermination we will rid this world of Jewish snakes for our God's ancestors and children for our mother and father's sakes

  9. Friday the 13th 1307
    13 families
    7 Sacred Sciences hmm
    13 unlucky
    Lucky 7.
    6? 7+6=13
    God has 72 names. 3-1=2
    360 eternal reincarnation and suffering, cycle, rotation. Life and Death, Eternity.

    God = 7. God is 1
    Devil = 6 three times. Lol

    I could go on for awhile soo the word magic runs deep.
    Some connections, some I'm reaching a little bit probably forming connections rather than finding them. As the Brain does.

  10. I had to Unsubscribe. God Bless you and all that. But I don't like talking about or hearing others talk about this Flat Earth Nonsense. It is NOT something we can control. So that means we shouldn't be worrying about it. It is just a Distraction from Repentance, Redemption, Obedience, Salvation, Loving others, Helping the poor, and everything we were told TO worry about. So since that is the case…Combined with the fact that a sinner walking in to those conversations immediately thinks and or says " You Crazy (Christians)"! Thus lumping us ALL in to one Category of "Nutballs", and "Religious Fanatics", to these Lost Soul we are SUPPOSE to be telling about Yeshua 'ha Machiach=Jesus Christ, And the Word of God, And How to be Saved. Not spending days and weeks and months arguing with ALLEGED Brethren about something that…Like I said, We have no way of controlling, thus making it a NON ISSUE  to us. I use to watch a lot of your stuff. But now every time I see your name or face I think of the F/E Stuff I would rather not even let enter my mind and I have to back arrow and find something else. Good Luck and God Bless.

  11. Wherever you get an expanding number people and or groups you will get power and domination and DOGMA….. on one side we have the church with its ownership of spiritual belief or mysticism, and on the other are the politics of our physical domain. Both have a more subversive opposite agenda which create the divisions between people and principalities. All power is corrupted through covert means such as superiority and secrecy which provide the opportunity to divide and conquer. Humanity will only overcome these forces when we understand the deception around our individual DNA and where we came from…..the genetic mixture of which will unite us as one great Family. Very informative…thankyou. My copy of your book Gary will be arriving this week.

  12. Starbucks Manitoba canada- village of 250 people- they have a old Masonic temple still to this day- very demonic town i live right next to it- Winnipeg has one of the top Masonic halls as the provincial building- world famous the building lines up with Meca and a few other major cores in the world- i was given a private tour- there's a chamber no one gets into where Prince Charles came and did a ritual- in another small town i lived in- by mistake went into a hidden stairwell to a Masonic ritual chamber room- it was very very scary

  13. Wayne says they weren't poor Christians. It would be great to see the sources for that claim. Most sources of history say that they started off as poor Christians, but received donations and favors that enriched them and gave them 'above the law' status across Christendom. So…which is it?

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