Luke Rudkowski Being Rude To Real Reporter Asking Questions About Masonic Bilderbergs

“We Are Change” More Like “We Are The Status Quo Masonic Mind Control.

Trump’s Jesuit Wicked Merovingian Masonic Hand Sign, Perverted Gnostic Drudge Wants You Staring At

Departing From The Slavery Noose Of Death

Exposed “14th Degree Grand Elect, Perfect & Sublime Mason” Confuted & It’s Mind Control Expiated

EXPOSED: Jesuits & Ramsay Send Morin To Invent The Cult Of Scottish Rite In America

The Only Detox From False Flags, Secret Societies Masonic Fake News Lies & Satanic Mind Control


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  1. + Doug Steinke You masonic proxy degenerates want me to edify luke's hindu "gods" and DMT mind control in his fake truther movement full of lies. Keep dreaming. That will never happen. I will destroy yours and luke's pagan altars. Count on it! Like I did in this video. Then on top of your ashen heap that I will sweep away, I will build (edify) the Gospel eternal Truth you unrepentant goats will perish by.

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