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Following Below Are Some Of The Best Documentaries Ever Produced By The Larouche Movement. Every Citizen Should Better Watch Them Closely & Spread Them Like Wild Fire !

1.) Firewall:In Defense Of The Nation State

2.) 1932 – A True History of the United States
3.) Glass-Steagall, The Complete Story…
4.) – The New Dark Age –
5.) The Harvard Yard: Fraud of Modern Education
6.) LaRouche Classroom: How to Think to Save The Economy
7.) Ecosystems – A Genocidal Fraud
8.) Plato Versus Aristotle – Economy and Philosophy

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13 Replies to “Lyndon Larouche’s May 2nd 2014 Webcast larouchesupport”

  1. America, Australia, Canada and NZ are linked by Heritage, and we are all Independent though we are sovereign…….even within corruption, they dont take everything away in an instant, its gradual, and while their plotting against us in OUR countries, we take them out.

  2. The founding fathers came to our countries from the British Isles, therefore, your Heritage is likewise, you can never separate yourself from Britain aka, cut of your own arm……what you do is cut of their arm, get rid of the corruption, as you said, get rid of the Corporation here and in The British Isles.   You don't sell your house because it has some dry rot, you cut it out and rebuild it…

  3. Lyndon, The British Isles is not the problem, its the dogs of corruption within her that needs to be cleaned out, No different from what is happening in America. We need to clean house, here and in Britain……..they are the minority.and the only reason why they have the power is because of the ignorance of the people!  If we clean house, go back to the Laws of the Land, and educate the people, then we at least can be justified.

  4. There is no difference between Russia and the others. They have no idea how dangerous that Russian Bear is, and what she will do shortly…The Only thing Russia cares about is………Russia!  Everything else is finger food.

  5. The only difference between Socialism and Communism, is a gun.  There is no difference between Prince Philip and Obama, same package different country.  What these Pagan Liberals don't realize, is that time is almost up and they will go bye bye. permanently!

  6. Russia has PURPOSELY been 'PROPPED' up by the hidden AGENDA of the elite's FAKE Revelations in their LUCIFERIAN bible. The 'bear' symbol that the free masons HELPED to bring forth…..and since PUTIN and OBAMA are free masonic idiots….DDDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  7. REPUBLICAN?????? Both SIDES have WORKED together for DECADS larouche! THEY BOTH work FOR the secret socities agenda….LED by the ROMAN Jesuit ORDER (as larouche and HIS wife work for) THAT is WHY ALL LEADERS of nations KISSED the ASS of the POOPS

  8. The world is run by fools that think they have knowledge but what good is knowledge without wisdom.  
    What the world lacks is men with Wisdom. Our world is in a wisdom drought. Application of the God of Israel's principles and wisdom is what will save mankind. Thank you for faithfully producing these video's, they give me hope that there are people capable of independent thinking in the United States of America.

  9. A very dear and very wise friend of mine has suggested that mankind begin using chunks of the polar ice caps to bring fresh water to regions, of our planet, that are in drought. He foresees us having the technology to actually move chunks the size of large cities, in due time. It seems like a reasonable and realistic suggestion to me!

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