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Papal Rome has always stated her intention to make America Catholic… “Our work is to make America Catholic… and our hearts shall leap toward it with crusader enthusiasm.” (Bishop Ireland, Baltimore Catholic Council, 1890)
With this in mind, the Jesuits successfully established the Federal Reserve Bank, using proxies as a front. Yes, the Federal Reserve Bank is privately owned. The Bank of America likewise is owned by the Jesuits.
In the USA a Protestant land – the majority of people in power are Roman Catholic. By 1994, in the US, the following had become reality: Congress: majority Roman Catholic
Supreme Court: Majority roman Catholic President’s Cabinet: majority Roman Catholic Members of the Pentagon:majority Roman Catholic.
Every US lawyer is now taught at a Jesuit-run law school or by Jesuit-trained teachers. The consequence is that judges now interpret ambiguous laws according to Catholic Canon Law and not British Common Law.
However, Roman Catholics are still only 26% minority in the American population. But on the south side is Mexico 90% Roman Catholic Roman Catholic, and on the north side Canada 43% Roman Catholic. How could the process of making of America Catholic be hastened? Answered: Unite the three into one new nation. “ABOLISH the USA”

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  1. I grew up Franciscan Catholic, which was different. The Franciscans were almost excommunicated because they pressured the Vatican to sell their riches and use their power to educate & feed the poor. In church we were encouraged to get out and volunteer & give to the community, announcements were made if someone needed help w/med bills, lost their job, or elderly needed help, etc. "Roman Doctrine" wasn't taught. At some point it changed-division & politics within our church began & went downhill

  2. roman catholicism is behind basically all conspiracy to control the world. she wants her dark ages power back. all new world order agendas are simply spokes stemming from the main hub at rome. thanks for your comment.

  3. @rusda2~I know, pure confusion, pure confusion. Babylonian babel.
    Oh, yes, bingolly. Yes, bingo is a liar. I have heard nothing but lies from that person.

    My older son and his wife had a baby-girl an hour ago, her name is Monet born on Mon.1.2. 2012 Now I have 2 baby-girls:)

  4. @PrayerisLoveinaction Hi sister, that is interesting considering that popes are not allowed to marry & must remain celibate but yet peter was MARRIED and obviously NOT celibate. this is the kind of stuff the RCC gets into when they tell so many lies they have to try and cover one lie with another and they forgoet how many lies they told…sort of like an old jesuit curmudgeon here on YT we all knwo and love 🙂

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