Malachi Martin & Bernard Janzen 1992 (The Kingdom of Darkness)

Since Jesus lives in every tabernacle on earth, Catholics are able to offer on address anyone interested in finding Our Lord. In this two hour interview, Father Malachi Martin tells where the devil is to be found on earth, the agencies which house him, the people he possesses, the government in his control. Having participated in many exorcisms, Fr. Martin is able to relate details of the satanic attack on the Pope and Bishops, and what would happen if the Church had an apostate pope. This is one electrifying set of audio recordings which ought to be heard by every Catholic interested in preserving his or her faith. There is good information on the underground church, what it is, and how to detect the illusion that passes today as a Catholic parish. No Catholic can any longer afford to be uninformed about the battle raging today between the forces of good and evil. Every set of tapes includes a free copy of the exorcism prayer to St. Michael the Archangel which ought to be recited aloud daily for the protection needed by individuals and families.


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