Manly Hall, Religion and Luciferianism

Inspired by a discussion I had with someone the other day. I hear a lot of great things about mr Hall, but ever once in awhile someone comes along who dismisses him without doing any research.
I can tell you, as one who reads his books and has listened to every lecture (thousands of hours) I have never once heard him defer to any kind of selfishness, evil or power hunger. He was perhaps one of the most humble men that I have ever heard, considering the vast subject matter he covered.
Much of what we know today is due to men like him, who are willing to seek knowledge from all angles to share with us.
One of the early truthers, if I do say so


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  1. When this video first started, the first thing that came in my mind is "I hope this dude isn't a Christian" and was relieved when you said you live a life of your own, now I will continue watching the video lol

  2. take social services for example people abuse welfare most do I'm sorry it's silly to blame the government all the time when often the government has tried to help people & got screwed those are not masons they're PEOPLE organized or not religion will always be used for someone's personal gain rich or poor as anything else as for pedophiles they're everywhere they're going to use whatever organization single mom anything to get child supply indeed they are protected by the rich corrupt but what has folk done to prove themselves above all this aside from a minority? to change the world is ridiculous because change can only occur when rich poor decide to change themselves favourably without using religion organizations cause most often their membership won't be at all what they bargained for

  3. All heroes are villains to some and vice versa.

    For what it is worth, I have always believed that the intent is more important than the message but I don't believe that beliefs are necessarily reflective of intents.

    All this to say that the mansion of God has many doors and as many paths to those doors. Thanks for sharing your ideas and positivity!

  4. So if God was Lucifer in the garden of Eden who convinced Eve to eat the tree of knowledge so that Man can initiate the reincarnation process in order to discover the tree of life,; its so God can have the experience to know why his architecture is perfect

  5. Hi carpo my father was a Freemason ,in fact all male adult members of my family were masons I remember asking my dad about it and was told very clearly not to talk about it again, I picked up that it was very beneficial to be a mason if you wanted promotion in your job especially in the big companies , I found out that if you were not a mason you did not have an ice cubes chance in hell of promotion in most jobs
    There is a modern day manly hall his name is Carpo!
    Love n stuff

  6. the masons built the temples, they know the secrets of the priests.  They also know the ways of the kings that paid them to build those temples.  Like the Jews in Europe, the masons were needed, but not trusted.

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