Marching for Life with the Friars (2017)


On the occasion of the 44th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, as happens every year, hundreds of thousands marched on Washington D.C. to stand up for the right to life of the unborn child. Every marcher had their own story and reason and for marching. Among these were our own Dominican friars, marching and praying for a culture of life.

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  1. These Dominicans from D.C……such a hope for the church. We have two at my parish, and the joy and truth and energy that accompanies them is amazing. May God richly bless the O.P. and protect them.

  2. I have marched for life on few occasions. As an old person, i was taken more by the number of younger folks that show for these events. Catholics need to wake up to outside speak up for your faith events. It is always inspiring to see March for Life flooded with younger people. In marches against the war in Iraq under the Bush administration, it was mostly us old grey hairs. The media capped on this. I think also the younger groups dismissed marches against war, such as Iraq (which spawned ISIS), as these Vietnam types whose time has passed.

  3. So moving, so inspiring! Thank God for the Pro-Life movement and for the role the Dominican Friars from DHS play in praying and protecting human life! PREACH IT FRIARS!!! We the people are behind you and helping you to lead the way! God bless!

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