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Our Lady of All Nations

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A new video within the series of Marian Apparitions. We have established the 20th century as the century given to the devil to test the church and humanity. However we are not alone. Since the Apparitions of Our Lady in Fatima, Portugal 1917, through Garabandal, Akita and Medjugorje; there is another place of great significance – Amsterdam.

The blessed Virgin Mary appeared to a young woman, Ide Peerdemean in 1945 and continued to do so for 14 years. During that time The blessed virgin gave many prophetic messages concerning the future of the world.

Much of the Marian prophecies contain the same kind of warnings and messages about the end times in which we live. But unique in these messages, which fit perfectly with other marian apparitions, these messages of our lady of all nations warn specifically about social and political chaos, moral degeneration, disaster and war.

There is clear signs a lot of what is going on in the world concerns the catholic church and the Pope himself. The catholic church and the world cannot be inseparable for the end times in which we live.

We are in a new era with Pope Francis according to the Garabandal visionaries. We look to the future with Medjugorje and the secrets to be revealed in time. These marian apparitions in Amsterdam, of Our lady of all nations, gives further clarity to her plan which God has entrusted to her. That plan is to crush the head of satan. The blessed virgin Mary is the Woman clothed in the sun and with all the church scandals, the chronic warfare in the middle east, russia and china in trade war with America and the sancitions being imposed. Brexit is another chaos perceived in the future all bringing about a cleared idea of so much economic and political nightmares as prophecied here in Amsterdam as well as other marian apparitions.

More video will come when we look in depth to the importancy of the pope, The nations most concerned and what inevitably is leading to world war 3. Russia and china will be against America, and the west via NATO and when all this comes to bring world destruction, then the Blessed mother and God will step in with the plan that has been revealed bit by bit this past century especially.

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Main source of Our Lady of all nations can be found in many websites, I particularly used the following:

These messages are believed to be from God, through our lady to humanity. It is by spreading her message by any means in order to bring her plan to fruition. This is one way in which i freely do so.


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