6 Replies to “Mark Taylor Interview Oct 30 2018 | I NEVER TRUSTED THIS POPE FROM THE BEGINNING”

  1. I always questioned why Pope Francis seemed interested in Pres. Trump's business , and now I know why since he is part of the Deep State and probably knew that Pres. Trump would eventually take them down. Pope Francis is in with Soros, the UN and Bernie Sanders who are working to put the One World Order in place if they succeed and our president would only be in their way, and even crush them to nothing. I am sorry the church is involved but it started in the church in the first place and the people in charge only made it such a big deal that I'm sure Catholics must be thinking what "has happened" to or church, and I am a Catholic too. They are involved in pedophilia, sexual abuse and now they have embraced the LGBT group and want to change things to incorporate the LGBT and maybe even make changes to the Mass and even wear the LGBT colors in their priestly stoles. Didn't know that more than half of the clergy are gay.

  2. I surely hope that the blacks don't get bamboozled into voting for the DemonRats. I have seen MANY LYING ads targeted at black voters. The Satanic DemonRats have repeatedly and habitually lied with contempt for the black voters. The Satanic DemonRats manipulate and USE the blacks for votes.
    —- PLEASE call your house representative to vote "NO" on HR 676 — Medicare for All". This draconian bill is governmental surveillance and TYRANNY on steroids. This bill would TAX the American people into third world POVERTY and enslavement.

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