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  1. Mark you are wrong and a fraud ! We had a win in the senate and lost the house. You must of collected your two pieces of gold and lost your link to Source / GOD. You probably did cost us votes with the ones that totally believed you and that makes you an ass wipe ! LIAR !

  2. I surely hope that the blacks don't get bamboozled into voting for the DemonRats. I have seen MANY LYING ads targeted at black voters. The Satanic DemonRats have repeatedly and habitually lied with contempt for black voters. The Satanic DemonRats manipulate and USE the blacks for votes.
    —- The Satanic DemonRats are a political party of PURE EVIL. They will do anything and everything that they can do to DESTROY the USA.
    —- PLEASE call your house representative to vote "NO" on HR 676 — "Medicare for All". This bill is governmental surveillance and TYRANNY on steroids. This bill would TAX the American people into third world POVERTY and enslavement.

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