Marvin Winans being sued by his housekeeper with shocking claims


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  1. I always loved pop winans he making his dad look bad! The Bible says for the love of money is the root of all evil! See the Bible says give 10 percent of your income but God is not like man he's not going to get mad if you don't give the 10% and put you out the church that's not Bible is not God he's not like man ! People getting up every morning you always wrestle against flesh the world and the devil remember that!

  2. All BS…stop following these wolves in sheep clothing. Think people why does God need money he owns and created Everything. ….these pastors are looking out for their pockets and their kids and so on .

  3. See this is why I refuse to do church … These black pastors are money hungry pimps and treating the members like they're ho's. Fuck these hell bound churches …using God's name to manipulate people …this is what happens when you Christians pray to that white slave owner that they are saying is Jesus smh… These churches ain't nothing but a huge money making business …snakes and demons hiding behind a pulpit and they wouldn't spit on you if your ass was on fire…. Y'all better wake up and see these demonic spirits for who they really are …I'll give my money to a crack head before I give it to a money hungry church foh…. Remember this ..the devil can preach and preform miracles too

  4. I understand whats going on in the churches. But you seem back slidden and bitter that can take you straight to hell. The bible says let the wheat and tare grow together God will do the separating. Pray for these people and quit damning everybody.

  5. These so-called gospel singers sing about God but most of them don't live God. Many of them are Satanist who are pimping the gospel and leading their followers to hell. Gospel singer LeAndria Johnson tried to warn us about what type of person Marvin Winans is.

  6. I was waiting for your point. You went from one subject to another, speaking badly about the North American Black person. Everyone knows that Blacks are trying to find acceptance and direction. North American Blacks have had only had a short period to recreate ourselves and that self invention/discovery has not been easy. Oregon black exclusion laws , Jim Crow, Blacks codes, Race-Based Legislation. The list goes on and on. This stuff started somewhere around the 1500's not the famous lie of 1649. And truthfully the hate has not stopped. even among our own the murders and killings in large cities and then we complain about the few lives lost in police shootings. What about the millions of Black babies murdered through abortion LAWS. Or Our Men being thrown in Prison by the thousands. Let's not talk about mental health which has taken a staggering stronghold on Blacks minds. I'm sorry, But I'm staying with the word of God. It's the only thing that can give excellent direction to Black people. Name one publican that will help the Black problem. Think of it just for a second. What if Blacks helped each other. Wow!! What if we fed each other. What if we recognized our plight only making up less than 1 person of a hundred in this country. What if we educated or own with a vengeance. What if we dared to love everyone even our enemy knowing that the opposite is the destruction of our own souls. What if we created a force to joined other Black Nations as a strong economy to hurt no one but elevate Black awareness. The Church is the base instution to start this love affair with our own.

  7. Its due time we stop praising preachers for bad behaviors. When one is living a lie.and hides behind a long black robe its time we call them out I am waiting to hear from Winnan on the accusations filed against him in the housekeeper complaint matter. DP

  8. Hebrew Israelite isn't a religion… Its a identity… Which was stolen.. Yet U say "that was given to us".. Weird… Plus why would a bunch of random ppl wanna "take being God's chosen ppl?.. U should re examine a lot of the word of god… Mostly Deuteronomy ch.28 (adding to ur quote about ppl being destroyed for lack of knowledge) ch. 28 explains the curse that the most high God laid out to his ppl.. That if they disobeyed the word of his self, then some many bad things would happen to said ppl for being disobedient.. Curse include: being UTTERLY impoverished.. Being brought into slavery and sold ALL over the world.. (U should do sum research on the slave trade… The whole thing!) And my fav ENDLESS oppression in the countries that they would end up in (all over lol) NOW I ask u .. After u go and read the whole chapter, do u believe in the word of God? Or wut ur told? Taught? Will u dismiss wut I clearly gave u for evidence to do such research on the true Hebrews.. Or will u hold on to ur own belief cuz u don't agree with wut I jus said? Cuz that would make u jus like the ppl u complain about at the end of this vid.. Shalom.. Peace be upon u..

  9. Really!, talking about christianity as a whole because of others. Has nothing to do with christianity but with a/that person's heart stop bashing Christianity as a whole. Woe onto you be careful be very careful and watch your foul mouth too. It's not what you put in your mouth that makes you sin but what comes out and no I'm not defending Winan he is wrong for that but what he did/do has nothing to do with Christianity as a whole Period that's a problem between him and GOD not Christianity.

  10. Sooo if you get paid every Friday you are giving 10% of your net/gross so that is actually 40% of your income every month, or if you get paid every 2 weeks thats 20% a month so they can line their pockets? What ever happened to SALVATION winning souls for God, salvation is not based on 10% of your income, every time we get paid! WHERE IS THE LOVE, AND WORSHIP?????
    People need Love, Salvation, Healing, Peace, Gentleness, Kindness, but we are getting bashed over the head with Malachi 3:10 after its flipped around!
    Are there any??????

  11. ZERO COMPASSION for this POOR Woman!!!
    Proverbs 19:17 He that is generous to the poor lends to the Lord and He will repay. … Tithing is the greatest deception, fraudulent activity that is going on right now, they take scriptures out of The Bible and twist and flip them to fit their own theology, they pretty much ignore what the Bible says about tithing.
    Biblical Tithing was about food, agricultural produce, not money!!! Tithe was given to the Levites Numbers 18:28 And behold, I have given the children of Israel of Levi all the tithes for an inheritance for their service which they serve, even in the service of the Tabernacle of the Congregation. We are not required to pay 10% of our income to the church!! NOT TODAY!!!

  12. The word Christian & Christianity is not in the word of the Most High God at all. Jesus or Yah never ever use the word Christian that word came from the white man. Please Miss don't get Mad when I say this to you, you do not have to use cursing words to get your point across. You seem like avery nice lady wonderful fully made by the Most High God.

  13. I know this is disheartening and it gives Christianity a bad look, but I would ask that you don't paint us all with the same brush. What was done here in this case has NOTHING to do with Christianity. I can understand why you would be disheartened about being associated with Christianity. But to make the statement that this is what Christianity is would be the same thing as someone who is not black saying that all black so lazy and on welfare.

  14. That is sad. He's very financially secured. Even if he wasn't where is the humility, compassion of the Lord shining through? Shame on him. He's giving a bad model of how a Christian is to be; let alone a bishop. God sees it all and one day he is going to be stand before the Lord and be judged.

  15. I wish y'all stop saying Christianity this and the church that. Naawww this is all MARVIN Winans doing. Not the church, Christianity, or anything else. Folks want to flock to these big churches just to say: I attend Winans church and when things go sideways (here we are). Look y'all, this has everything to do with "Titles" and "social Statuses" But folks still trying to get in the door of an OMEGA church. How about y'all help out the small churches, where the help is really needed, and God word isn't watered down. Noooo folks still hung up on titles and popularity. Until y'all all come down from this "high horse" THESE kinds of things will continue to happen. And folks will continue to be upset when pastors like Marvin think he got it going on and can do what he wants to do. Who y'all think helped these OMEGA pastors get up like that?

  16. What will it take to open everybodys eyes that the christian churches are money gauging demons. Materialistic Devils Who Oppress The Poor. You know these Wicked Ass Pastors Are 10 Times Worst Than The Govt. They Are Adulterers, And Child Molestors.
    Whats It Gonna Take. Look Ya'll Who Are Still Married To Falae Religion. . .Then Read EZEKIEL
    Chapter 34 And Then tell if this does not describe your Evil Oppressive Church Clergymen.
    Read Ezekiel chapter 34. If you call yourself a christian then go grab your Bible Dust It Off And Turn To The Book Of Ezekiel chapter 34 And Find Out Who The Real Enemy Of God And Of The State And Of All Humanity. See Most Christians Dont Like To Read The Fine Print. Well its high time to find out who the real enemy is. . .That Chapter Alone Will Blow Your Mind.

  17. I want to hear all sides. I am a Christian and I get it about how that with some preachers, its,all about money. Not all are that way. But again, we're hearing one side. Now if you are at a church you and have some means, you should give something. The lights, gas , etc cant pay for itself. However, the way im hearing things, she is paying everything. I get it that she should pay something but this is too much. This not going to affect my walk with God. Because God still has thousands that has not bowed to the devil. If a few aren't right, I can go elsewhere. Jesus is still the way, truth and the life. I still want to hear all of it. We are so gullible and silly. We take a little news and run with it like we know everything.

  18. Our relationship begans with Christ,He forewarned all through His word of These things…..but if we dont read His word and draw nigh to Him we cant discern and get duped everytime. Dont allow the enemy to put in your hearts an excuse of my you havent except Jesus as your personal saviour and drew to the Lord. ….because of what "Man" are doing in the building. He said we know them by there fruit. Jesus said "upon this rock I build my church against the gates of hell and it shall not prevail" dont be decieved God is not to be mock,what we sew we shall reap. He warned of wolves in sheep clothing,ant-christ and the list goes on….from the old to new testament. God is not the author of confusion so anytime u see things like this in the Body as paul eloquently put the enemy is masquerading around as an angel of light. The little leaven that leaves the whole lump. God is a Holy God,dont hardened your hearts to God but turn to Him. If we put our Faith and trust in Him,He will surely reveal through His teaching His truth. People Parrish for the lack of knowledge The Lord said!!! Have Mercy Lord!!!

  19. Every one is welcome to their opinion but I do have a problem when some say (All) church's are bad..they are (NOT). I'm not a member of a corrupt church. Now I play devils advocate you all can (curse) you all church's and experience but will it stop me from attending? NO..cause I don't make no church rich ain't got that much money😀 but the "Spiritual Benefits" and Blessings I receive will never so far make me bad mouth religion. We go to corrupt jobs Everyday but do we Not go to work?.Heck No cause when the rent, car note, health insurance, kid expenses have to be me met oh we (RUN) to those establishments👀..
    Just a observation so (Luckily) I have a total different out take.

  20. The preachers with big churches have big bills. There is no scriptures that says you can treat people the way this woman has been treated famous preacher or not. That is why the Bible says that when The Lord comes he will judge starting at the church and then go into the world. Bishop Winans needs to be careful how he treats people. When we stop walking in the spirit and start walking in the flesh we don't show love. Where is his love for his neighbor. Maybe the woman was doing something wrong in the churches parrish house or in his home and they were trying to find an excuse to get her to move. But if it's only over money and she was already paying $500 a month rent, and the extra things she was paying for. Plus paying the tithes. She should have had a job working somewhere else. Where was GOD in this situation?

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