Edifying Others addresses the new Trump tweet that “Our Countries biggest enemy is the fake news” Is this true that the fake news is the BIGGEST enemy? Find out in this video.


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The Only Detox From False Flags, Secret Societies Masonic Fake News Lies & Satanic Mind Control


5 Replies to “Masonic President “Prophets”, Trump: Fake News BIGGEST Enemy? Fake Anointing’s On Slave Masons”

  1. Be honest with you that's the reason why I love supporting this ministry. Really good job if I must say. I wondered about that Mark Taylor he did come across as being sincere but then like I was told you could be sincerely wrong.

  2. thank you for exposing them….. the fireman prophet/Zionist/mason… read the prophecies.. you have to think the Lord speaks in Dr Suess rhymes to an adult… and then writes a book and makes a movie of the fireman… shameful… God Bless

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