Bible Flock Box Debunked – Massive 2018 Study PROVES the Bible is TRUE ( FALSE )

In this video I debunk Flock Box’s most recent video in which he states that a recent study showed that ALL LIFE was created 100,000 to 200,000 years ago. Neither his referenced article, nor the research makes such a claim, but it doesn’t stop there. He gets just about everything wrong when it comes to both, Thaler and Stoekle’s work, and the tech times article he is reading from. Watch this for a clip by clip debunk of every single misrepresented claim.

NOTE: When I mention Christian Scientists in the video, I am mainly referring to people from today, like David Rive’s, or basically every guest on Answers News

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Bible Flock Box Video

TechTimes Article Titled: Massive Genetic Study Reveals 90 Percent Of Earth’s Animals Appeared At The Same Time

Stoeckle and Thaler’s Research Article on Mitochondrial DNA

Information on Marine Life (World Population Percentage)

Quaternary Extinction Information



This video is shot on a shitty LG Artisto 2, I use an HP 15-ay039wm Notebook Laptop, I use questionably obtained adobe and cyberlink photo and video editing software.

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14 Replies to “Massive 2018 Genetic Study PROVES the Bible is True (only it doesn’t) – Bible Flock Box Debunked”

  1. So, some research shows that the creation myth is one hundred percent true (about 90%, apparently). Great! Then the same data "proves" the flood story? What is it? It really can't be both – either animals springing into existence by god-magic 100000-200000 years ago (somehow transformed into 6000), or flood destroying the majority of them (again, by god-magic) around the same time. Nice tactics, doesn't this research also provide solid evidence for the exodus? David slaying Goliath? Samson's hairdo? Last supper?

    By the way, from what I heard, the paper in question was not received very well in the scientific community, due to sloppy methods and hasty conclusions. But since I'm not a biologist, I really can't give detailed criticism.

    Another point: where is the clear-cut distinction between humans and apes, that BFB insists on seeing? For all we know, there's not much difference. Humans actually are apes!

    And finally, how does this video have almost twice as much dislikes as likes? Weird!

  2. Yeah, creationists like 'Bible Flock Box' don't understand what the study actually found. What it actually said is that 90% of the distinct animal species living now have speciated in the last 200, 000 years. It surely has embolden creationists, who are truly ignorant and scientifically iliterate but that’s nothing new. For an expert dissection of that grossly misleading synopsis, see the following article: "Writing synopses of science articles is hard".

    “It’s a bit like reading a statement that almost all people are less than 100 years old, and then wondering, publicly and in print, about what happened in 1918 to cause every human being on Earth to have been suddenly born in that year. That must have been some orgy to celebrate the end of the Great War.”

  3. I was genuinely impressed by your presentation, but would ask why you chose to discredit such an easy target as a Young Earth Creationist ?

    Why didn't you go for the more rational 'Intelligent Design' advocates, who suggest that Life on Earth was actually 'seeded' here (for whatever reason) approx. 3/400,000 years ago by an advanced Society of Extra-terrestrials capable of Genetic Engineering, Gene editing etc….. ?

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