39 Replies to “Massive Police Presence In Philadelphia For Jesuit Pope Francis Visit”

  1. hey Spiro, would you know anything about navy or dark blue helicopters very large usually flying at minimum two together. I live around the Dallas Metroplex area just wondering if anyone else has seen them or know who they belong to? a while back I heard that Obama was taking away National Guard helicopters with fire power and replacing them with helicopters with no firepower makes me wonder.

  2. Dude your way to weird.. It's like you think this is some grand conspiracy or something.  The idiot with the camera needs to just hold it steady because he would have been 1 of about 100,000 that were taking video too.  Any technology issues was probably because the network was probably over loaded.  As for all the police…how did you expect the popes staff to keep everyone back from the Pope.  He gets crowd control help in any place he visits.

  3. Wow I can't believe how much hate God bless America God bless the pope Francis I am Jewish and I pray for the pope, shalom people please stop hate and love each other God bless America and the pope from my Jewish family

  4. nwo fucking roll out! fuck those guys period……….They are just clowning the fuck out of "we the people". I am sure the nazi ss were real smug till those ropes were around that neck.

  5. Dear Lord Jesus, please enlighten the mind and hearts of these people here who criticised the Pope so badly. They point their crooked finger and twisted mind and tongue to the Pope. They accused him that he is the Antichrist. They don't know what they were saying forgive them LORD JESUS. For they believe the lies of the devil. They have been deceived. LORD have mercy on them all.

  6. He is Petrus Romanus the leader of the Vatican which is the continuation of the Roman Empire in this world today. He is not like any other popes that came down to history, he is the chosen one, the one who will stand and make the end days prophecies become a reality, fulfilling the holy scriptures in these last days. He will witnesses among the other elites the last blood moon here in America….. This is not an ordinary papal visit my friends. After his visit things will change and will longer be the same.

  7. Everyone should just stay home, I don't know why people endanger themselves like this, going into what basically appears to be a battlefield. Crazy.
    The fact that the Dalai Lama canceled his visit may be the biggest news of all.

  8. Another excuse to practice their martial law techniques when the shtf for real, the Feds are using these events to polish up for when Obama issues the lockdown on America and declares no 2016 elections and he will become the supreme leader of the new Babylon, get ready folks, it is going to get real.

  9. I'm in Philly, of course there are massive security all over the city… just like there was in DC and NY, that's nothing out of the ordinary. Now, what he is saying… that might be a different story. Listen.

  10. They make it look all "organic" like The POOP doesn't need fully enclosed poopmobile because "He's the people's poop" and everybody loves him..Can't you see everyone cheering and going ham because he's such a great guy..WHOOO!! … STAGED..again.. Don't step in the poop! No,not because it's gross and stinky,you might just get your head split open by the fascist sheep army.. Lots of great comments in this thread… HA!

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