McCarrick, Pope Francis, St Gallen Mafia w James Grein

James Grein, the victim of ExCardinal Theodore McCarrick, explains his recent testimony to Catholic Vatican Officials regarding ex Cardinal McCarrick and further explains McCarrick’s connection to St Gallen, Switzerland (Sankt Gallen Mafia) and the plan in Rome with Pope Francis moving forward into 2019.

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  1. The great Spanish association of Freemasons, the Grand Lodge of Spain, posted this: "All the Freemasons of the world join Pope Francis' wish [in his Christmas address] for 'fraternity between persons of different religions'."

  2. Our Lady of Good Success said that ecclesiastical freemasonry would devastate the beautiful vineyard of the Church. Sadly, nothing James is saying shocks me. Our Lady of Good Success and Venerable Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres, pray for us.

  3. All very intriguing… I do hope that some serious investigators track down hard facts for some of these claims – travel records, additional sworn testimonies, etc.. Obviously some additional insiders giving witness to these claims would make for some real credibility. I'd be worried that letting Mr. Grein go out here with some of this testimony could be used against him, however true it is, esp to discredit his testimony about McCarrick by claiming he is a bit crazy – don't put it above the enemy to take something Grein says out of context to discredit him. Just be careful.

  4. You're modern apostles of Jesus Christ and your faith and courage raises our Love for Jesus Christ and His Church despite the enemies inside the church the powers of hell will never cause any challenge to the mission of the Church: to bring us Salvation and Eternal. No deal on earth is better than Eternal Life. Thanks a Lot you guys to bring us the truth. We are sinners and we need the mercy of Our Lord. Those authorities who are SOB clearly are the devil Representatives and their sentence is already written. Thanks.

  5. I won't watch past 29:09. Dr. Marshall, please, be careful with your credibility around this guy…. There's something 'off' and melodramatic, aggrandizing, etc, about his affect and line of thinking. And it's eerie to watch you not question him on any of it (e.g. last video and this video, he keeps suggesting he'll be murdered if he says the wrong thing — and you haven't followed up to ask for more information). I'm concerned that while this individual may have suffered real trauma in the past (I'm not familiar with the evidence in his case), his on-camera appearance of exaggerations and theatrical affect give the impression that he's… well, less than credible.

    I'm not trying to dismiss his accounts of private trauma, but just to say… no victim is 'perfect'. And I think we all need to be careful not to unquestioningly accept all the details in any account, just because it might be used to 'bring down' people we think harmful or dangerous. Our God is a God of Truth: the WHOLE Truth, and nothing but the Truth. Humans rarely live up to that… but we should each aspire to.

  6. 13 really is the number of Francis (and the freemasons). It's no coincidence that he was elected on 3/13/13. The masons and their controllers just love numerology and symbols and number patterns. They also love colors and pillars, etc. He is so clearly a NWO agent. They always put their numbers and symbols right in your face, for example 9/11. "The numbers 3, 7, 9,11,13, 33, 39. Any multiple of these numbers have special meaning to the Illuminati. Notice that the Bilderberg Group has core of 39 members who are broken into 3 groups of 13 members in each group. Notice that the core of 39 answers to the 13 who make up the Policy Committee. Take special notice that the 13 members of the Policy Committee answer to the Round Table of Nine. You know that the original number of states in the United States of America was 13. The Constitution has 7 articles and was signed by 39 members of the Constitutional Convention." Etc., etc. This stuff is everywhere with everything they do. Anyway, they can have lots of fun with 3/13/13. Or 13/3/13 depending on how you write it. They get their 3, their 11, two 13's, 33, and when you multiple 3 x 13 you get 39. This date is freemason heaven. 33 is their favorite number.

  7. I totally understand his PTSD and his going to another place!!! I also am a victim by my own father and understand exactly what he goes through when he has to face what happened again. Been there done that! I have ZERO tolerance for any of these men who do this to children or even the gay ones who do this to young men and seminarians! ZERO! They all need to be in prison and not a plush one like Gitmo!

  8. Clarification…John Paul II, Paul VI did not know about the private life of homosexual activity of Cardinals/Bishops/or Priests…guilt by association is not part of catholic teaching.

    JPII went directly to the people, over the Vatican officials, his job was to fights communism and he [and the Virgin Mary] and Regan brought it down

  9. WWG1WGA…Q

    The Right Man, At the Right Place,  At the Right Time

    The Triumph of Mary Begins With President Trump the Great!

    Our Lady's Peace Plan, Over Atheistic Communism…Family


  10. Guys do a little bit more research into the area of St. Gallen itself. I was just doing a little bit of my own family history and looked up Ulrich Zwingly, the Swiss protestant reformer. I'm a descendant on muy dad's side, who looked so much like Ulrich. Zwingly was born in the St Gallen area. So it had an important role in the Protestant reformation. I wonder how far back this rot goes.

  11. i appreciate this mans testimony and am heartbroken for his experiences. However, i find it far fetched that PJPII was a mason. Sure he made mistakes, (which one of us doesn't) but a mason???? no way. If he was a mason what the hell does that make Francis, Lucifer himself????

    So he calls PJPII a mason and then at about 1.30(hr) he says that JPII is in heaven. If he was a mason i doubt he would be in heaven praying for James. One minute JPII is a mason the next he is portrayed as who he really was. so confusing.

    also it makes me wonder whether James is still with McCormick or at least on his team. I wonder if James is part of the masons and confusion in the church. i don't doubt that something happened to this man, but ….. something does not sit right with what he says. haven't put my finger on it but once i do, i'll express it

  12. Captivating interview but I have some real concerns about the reliability of this gentleman. He has obviously been traumatized and seems to have a detailed and personal knowledge about the accused Church leaders (who are clearly tainted and highly suspect, although-unfortunately- not prosecuted or convicted at this time), but there are clearly some psychological issues at hand here that, although conceivably could be related to his history of abuse, could also affect his perception of past events. Perhaps it is my New Jersey upbringing creating some cynicism, or my health care background influencing my judgement, but I cannot help but wonder whether this public testimony will be helpful or harmful in the battle for transparency about the scandal in our suffering Church. You both have much more knowledge about the issues and the advantage of having had multiple encounters with this individual, so I am apologetic but I can't ignore my gut.

  13. Please dr Marshall take over for father Mark,they can't silence you.SJB needs a vice general..It's about salvation of souls not silence.We can't speak about truth anymore from our own shepherds.
    Jesus gave his life to testify to the truth.We obey him not the men. We obey the creator not the creature.

  14. Dr. M & T. Gordan so happy your show came across my YouTube. I am a Postulate w the Sisters of St. Joseph Concordia KS. I converted from Episcopalian in 1993 to Catholicism while attending the Univ. of St. Thomas Houston, TX. I live in NYC and attended Fr. Ramsey's Mass in Nov. 11th (?) after seeing him on FoxNews the night before and told us he will be telling his story each Mass that day w the timeline and McCarrick! The next week he put out in the Bulletin, "This is what I said last week". You can make a cope or just read it on St. Joseph's Yorkville Website. I have been in contact w the Very Rev. Fr. Welch her in NYC for other reason since Aug. and will see him this week. SO, you can only imagine my delight in finding your show and looking forward to taking St. Thomas Aquinas Course for you.
    To respond to your Q, I think James' statement in Feb prior to Pope Francis' statements…. will make be helpful. I think we need to pray hard as you do remind us. Maybe w more fervor. And send letters to our Bishops in bulk, especially if zero penalties or consequences from our Pope.
    My question to you is "The Keepers" on Netflix. (A Docuseries) 7 episodes. Can you please help me to see if these abused adults which is an ongoing court case in MD are getting on this train of help and hope. I encourage to watch. Sister Kathy was a young nun teaching at an all girls school and ready to blow the whistle on the priest when she was murdered!!! And the cover up is still going on. These men and women as you will see, could use some help in getting their day in court and answers for their truth.
    Many Thanks Dr. Marshall. Wishing you and your family peace to ring out your joy in 2019.

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