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5 Replies to “Meek&Lowly?WARNING-Babylonian Wine Being Served to”Remnant”?!LGBTQ?No Sunday Law???”

  1. How deaf and blind have SDAs become?  To be preaching that we have to "push back against" God's "ancient word" is something straight from the devil's mouth and mind!  OUR call is to UPHOLD scripture and the Spirit of Prophecy – for that IS the light Christ came to shine upon every human being in order to save them.  Daniel Jackson, so-called pastor of the NAD has obviously totally lost sight of Christ and His calling to Seventh-day Adventists.  What a sloppy, worldly-welcoming, non-Christian stand he makes in this video!! It is DISGRACEFUL, and totally heart-sickening to have to listen to this bilge which is supposed to pass as true Christianity – and these men,, these false professors who claim Christ's name but betray Him totally,  are a SHAME to the name of Seventh-day Adventist.  People, start LISTENING to GOD and His PROPHET, for you surely realise that ALL of this has been clearly predicted.  If you blindly follow the blind, you WILL be lost for eternity.

  2. God never changes, it says so in the Bible. I was aghast to hear those Preachers saying "Bless the Homosexuals, bless the Transgenders…but then God said it would be this way in the end. May God help us and hide us from this blasphemy, He is coming soon and I say come Lord Jesus! So saddened to see how far the SDA church has fallen 🙁

  3. Well, I'll get right to it and say, God bless you for taking the time to read this. Thank you. 
    My name is Chris and I'm a grateful believer in Jesus Christ. I have a concern that I feel I need to share with someone familiar to SDA theology/eschatology. I figured this might be a place where my concern would be heard. You seem to be very knowledgeable on Biblical study and I can tell you walk with the Lord. To the matter at hand, my concern is about the seventh day sabbath as mentioned in scripture. I feel it necessary to say at this point, that this topic is not a new venture for me; quite the contrary. I have come to the conclusion, after many years of prayerful study, that I don't know when the sabbath day is, other than the 7th day as mentioned in scripture. As I read it in Genesis 1:14-19 God Himself designates the Sun and Moon for signs, seasons, days, and years; He also made the Stars. This was the beginning of the motions of the heavens that all humanity would keep time by. On another note, I'm quite aware of the identity of the Roman system, and of the powers and principalities there of. Being as it may, I have learned in my walk with Jesus to test all things (1 Thes. 5:21). There were certain things we were taught from early adolescence that just are the way they are, and we seemingly had no choice but to learn them. One of those things, in my search for the biblical sabbath, came with a few honest questions. 
     As a born again believer in Jesus, and He being my example, I would like to know…
    Q: Did Jesus keep the Fathers Sabbaths?
    A: Yes
    Q: On what days, and by what calendar, did Jesus keep these Sabbaths?
    Well, okay… we were given the Pope Gregory calendar from birth, and that calendar didn't exist at the time of Jesus. And not to mention it's a Solar Only calendar; which is in direct conflict with God appointing two great lights to keep time by. And now that you're thinking 🤔 let's play an imagination game. Imagine that you are part of the Exodus. How do you know what day it is? Mana you say? Yes indeed, but the mana ceased after they crossed over. What was their calendar then? What was God teaching them to observe as the manna fell? What calendar would they hold after they crossed the river into the promise land? I promise you that it was God's calendar that was kept at that time in history. And it was also kept by Jesus. So what calendar did our Savior keep? Can you answer this with certainty? I can't. I have come to the conclusion that there is no getting around the mention of 3 types of biblical days that consistently made up the months of in the Bible.( Ezekiel 46:1 Thus saith the Lord GOD; The gate of the inner court that looketh toward the east shall be shut the six working days; but on the sabbath it shall be opened, and in the day of the new moon it shall be opened.) 
    Three types of biblical days. 
    1. Six working days
    2. Sabbaths
    3. New moon day 
    So here I sit, after all of this, and I prayed a very serious heartfelt prayer to God asking Him to reveal His day of rest to me on His calendar. Not for any merit, for we know that we are not saved by keeping the law. Yet I wish to not live in sin or even uncertainty of when this day is.; for I was created to work six days and commanded to rest the seventh by a loving Father, and I wish to be in harmony with that rest. I feel as though God has answered my heartfelt prayer in His time. Here's what I feel is good and right with God on this matter. 1 John 3:4 states that sin is transgression of God's law. Thus it is important to understand the way God created time to be reckoned by us. And by the very nature of our loving Father in heaven, any Commandment He gives is not grievous or complicated to understand. If you dismiss all of the technology you know of, in our modern age, you only have the Observation of God's creation to keep time. That's the way He created it. So what observable event happens, each monthly cycle, in the heavens that is EASILY discernible BY ALL in a simple manner? 
    Fact: There is only ONE DAY in each monthly cycle the the FULL MOON rises in the East, while directly opposing it in the Western sky is the setting sun. This monthly event is observable by all and easily discerned. It also marks the turn of a month by the observation of the TWO WITNESSES God established in the heavens. This is the Occam's razor answer. And by the very nature of the sabbath being a command of God, and of such importance in these final hours, it has to be simply understood by all. You could argue that Saturday is easy; but is it of God?
     I find it a curious thing that during the time of Le Roy Edwin Froom, such a subject ( Grace Amadon ) was brought to the attention of the SDA Church, and it was rejected. I have no doubt seen the evidence of God's hand in all of this though. The SDA Church holds many of my mentors in Christ to this day. The SDA Church has never rejected the importance of the sabbath day; but they haven't continued in the further light that was, and is being given by God on this matter. This is pat of why she is Laodicea in my humble opinion. I have a great love for the movement God created in the hearts of the Millerites. And I believe E.G.W. was used by God as a true prophet. Didn't she keep a Saturday sabbath? Yes she did. So why isn't that good enough if you believe her writings are inspired? She said herself to throw out anything, that she wrote, that didn't align with the Bible. Did God reveal ALL to each of the prophets? I would venture to the no answer on this one. So did God reveal EVERYTHING about the sabbath day to Ellen White? I think much was revealed about the importance of the sabbath and its role in eschatology; but to say everything was revealed is an assumption. 
     To sum it up, I don't know when the Sabbath day is. My hope is that if you found any truth in these words, I'd like to hear back from someone on this matter; even if it's only to agree on praying more about it. This is a genuine concern of my heart. I hope that you can see that. May God bless you

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