Mega-churches, New world order Agendas Exposed! 2015 (Church of Tares)

From Rick Warren to the emergent church take a look at how their roots and foundations come from marketing and corporations, to rob the community and not to give the people JESUS… A MUST SEE!!! obama,666,forerunner777,secret societies,new age agenda, spiritualism,alex jones,last days, disasters,wars,prophets,new world order, catholic church,religion, masons, illuminati, seventh day adventist, pope,virgin mary, conspiracy theory,jesse ventura, walter veith,Doug Batchelor, ivor myers, stephen bohr, henry wright, randy skeet, pope francis, jesuits, illuminati in movies, satanism in hip hop,freemasons, aliens, angels, demons, isis, prophecies, revelation,


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  1. Excellent example of the "feel good", goosebump chasing false church that thrives in the U.S.
    You want a big church? Tell your congregation (falsely) that God will shower them with gold and silver . You want a congregation of TRUE BELIEVERS? Tell them to repent at the altar, rather than stand at a "stage" to receive "gifts".
    I am constantly cursed by people of the false church for "fear" preaching, merely because I quote the book of Revelation. That is just how desperate such disillusioned members of the false church defend their goosebump seeking behavior.
    If it were God's will for you to be "rich", the vast majority of the Apostles of the Bible would not have been beaten, imprisoned, and executed for their devotion and works unto God. -LET THAT SINK IN. God's will is not for you to be fat, lazy, and uselessly wealthy. And I bet there is not a book out there aside from the Holy Bible that will tell you that Christianity is a process of refining, going through trials, being rebuked and hated, threatened, cursed, and a continual battle against evil forces… because aside from the Holy Bible, the truth is, people don't "want" to hear that.

  2. I see the bad in this of course but there is a certain way to reach people to bring them to Christ, every person is different, I was reached a certain way through my interest and search for truth and knowledge, now I’m searching for a church that preaches the gospel of Christ

  3. EPH 1 4 God choose his children to be his before the foundation of the world ,2:8-9 saved us by his grace gave us his gift of faith to believe with and know his truths sealed us w bus spirit of promise ,we arebis elect his sheep know his voice. John 10 26-30 he will not loose any ,Romans 8 28 predestined to be his ,,,we are justified by Jesus his blood cleansed us ,his life is why we live Andre are being awaken by his grace and called into himjohn 6 44. not all will believe not all speak of the one true God not all confess the one true savior Jesus ,,,,,,,Romans 9 he chosen some vessels into wrath some unto mercy ,if u a chosen vessel of mercy u know then who is our enemies ,may God awaken u to histruths and keep us in them ,may his grace prove mercy reign in us thru us unto his glory n praise eternally praise u Jesus

  4. Televangelist "Word of Faith" preacher Paula White, 52 on April 20, 2018, is now on marriage #3; her rock musician husband Jonathan Cain is 68 (16 years older than she is) and this is his 3rd marriage too. Her former (2nd) husband was the preacher Randy White, 60, (called the “Donald Trump of the Christian Arena”) with whom she created the ministry "Without Walls International Church".
    The Whites' ministry was among six ministries under a Senate probe, led by Sen. Charles Grassley, in 2007. The ministries – including those led by Creflo Dollar, Eddie Long, Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn and Joyce Meyer – were questioned for opulent spending and possible abuse of their tax-exempt status. The probe closed in 2011 with cooperation from a couple of the ministries – Hinn and Meyer implemented financial reforms. No penalties were handed out.
    According to the Orlando Sentinel newspaper, Paula White and televangelist Pastor Benny Hinn had an "inappropriate relationship" while they were together in Rome, Italy; photographs showed them walking hand in hand.
    Here's an exposure of Benny Hinn:

  5. the scones and the Pharisees sit in Moses seats therefore whatever they tell you to observe that observe and do but do not do according to their works…
    Matthew 23:1-2… it's all written in the Bible men will be lovers of their own self doesn't say Believers or non-believers all men…. I believe this is the time that Jesus is testing us for your eyes on Jesus only… Brothers I'm frustrated too it's the same thing at my church and this is what God spoke to me couple days ago keep your eyes on the Lord don't do what they do…god bless you

  6. any day now, any min, any hour the door will be open for but a blink of an eye. what are these rocket scientist thinking playing hyway to hell in a church ? I'm sinner, not proud of it , but there it is I used to be very heay in to drugs 320 lines of Cocain a week, the avrage smoker smokes 200 cigs a week so every time thhe lites up I had a line and a half of coke going up my nose, think about how lit I was, I quit cold turkey and have been clean scence 1987. I used to smoke , a carton a week I quit cold turkey in 2010 .I used to be a womanizer, of the statuer that made Charlie Harper of two and a half men look like a rank amature . Im up in to the tripple digits concernig how many diffrent sexual partners Ive had and not shure how far as I stoped counting at 130 as there where many names and faces to keep up with
    on typical week end I would be with 7 diffrent women, and thats not counting the ones durring the week. and I quit, and have been celibet scence 2009 I have repented and and still worry about being vigilent in my new life that I might not measure up. and these people are living like this and think thav have got it made because of one descission boy are thay gonna be dissapointed !

  7. The very overweight Rick Warren reminds me of the hereticak Kenneth Hagin (1917-2003) who is regarded as the father (or 'grandaddy') of the "Word of faith" or "Prosperity" gospel. Here is a quote from Kenneth Hagin: "You can have what you say. You can write your own ticket with God. And the first step in writing your own ticket with God is: SAY IT". Kenneth Hagin stated that he received prophetic revelation DIRECT from Jesus Christ, who gave him the 4 principles: "Say it, do it, receive it and tell it." He claimed that Jesus Christ told him PERSONALLY "If anybody anywhere will take these four steps and put these four principles into operation, he will always have whatever he wants from Me or God the Father."
    (from Kenneth Hagin's book "How to Write Your Own Ticket") This is plainly outrageous, ridiculous and absurd. Neither Jesus Christ nor God promises ANYONE "whatever he wants"; that is HERESY!

    Hagin's "you can have what you say" claim is part of the "Word of faith" or "Prosperity gospel" movement that says you can LITERALLY speak things into existence, just as God did in the Genesis creation account. "Word of faith" preachers teach that believers are "little gods". Note — Gloria Copeland (wife of Kenneth Copeland) went as far as to say that believers can actually COMMAND THE WEATHER to change! (where were the Copelands when Katrina hit??)

    Others who teach these and many more deep heresies include Benny Hinn, Joel Osteen, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, Jesse Duplantis, T D Jakes, Joseph Prince, Paula White, Creflo Dollar, and Joyce Meyer.


  8. Rick Warren is a deceiver, and all the others that followed on this video are as blind as he is. But the sad thing is those who made this video also are blind guides, because they use the NKJV, and they teach you have to "repent of your sins" to be saved. To be saved you have to believe in the only begotten Son of God, and that means believe Jesus died for your sins, and that He arose from the dead after 3 days and nights, and that He ascended into heaven. Repent in the Bible means to turn from unbelief and believe the gospel of Jesus Christ. "Repent of sins" never occurs in the true Word of God (KJV) God actually calls turning from sins as being works, for by grace are ye saved through faith and that not of yourselves it is the gift of God. Not of works lest any man should boast.

  9. Friendship with the world is to become enemies with God. Satan is crafty and evil. Repentance is MANDATORY. Holiness is not an option. Broad is the way that leads to hell and most are going, but narrow is the path that leads to life and FEW find it.
    Crafty alternative is what Warren offers…..Satan is crafty.

  10. The twelve disciples were all grown men. "Peter, I see you're a fisherman, that's my boy…carry on". Correct? Also, He said that's my boy to the tax collector as well, right? Wrong. In fact, not even in the ballpark, hence, way off. Read the bible and know what Jesus said to them. These men here like RW are wolves, yet look at the crowds. I tell you this, if you want to identify true gospel seek the streets, the bridges and under them. You are more likely to find someone there who knows a thing or two about following Crist, and still it's a rarity. In other words, if Rick started preaching the gospel he'd be nobody real fast, if not overnight. Your reward would be a pariah if you care any about what the real gospel is. Goodnight for now my friends, and choose wisely. But I'll be frank, if you expect to swim in cash as a result of following Crist, you are already deceived. Do not do that. Do not choose to be deceived, for there's no honor in it. Anyone and everyone would hope to stand before Him and not hang his head, I say this to myself first and then to the rest, may the Lord help us all.

  11. God blessed me with Holy Spirit , He give me lots of knowledge of Bible , He Told me secrets of Bible .
    Actually what's messeng of God in the Bible , what He want to say to the people , whatever He told me it's really awesome our God is so so so much intelligent .
    i wish i have big platform and i talk to people to with message of God , and i promise to my self , i will do this without money ….Amen

  12. New Age Prosperity Apostate Conservative Orthodox Religion… no wonder they work so hard to demonize Liberal Protestant Christianity.

    From hundreds of yrs ago… from the Enlightenment/Reformation
    Liberalism and Christ-based Protestantism.

    Liberalism: a movement in modern Protestantism emphasising intellectual liberty, and the ethical and spiritual content of Christianity.
    Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary 1967/1991

  13. Wow- this guy is correcting Theology with Theology, lol… this is a comic or what? The people correcting is doing the very same "cherry picking."

    Romans 10:9,10 does not say REPENT does it, not water baptized, no confessing any Sins. It all depends on where you read it at. These guys are not too smart, they have their theology and think WE ARE IT !!! According to these guys — Jesus or any of his disciples had a solid message, no one until the canon and Orthodoxy… they do not think to deep do they. Rick seems to know more than they do at this point, maybe rick knows about all the Forged letters?

  14. Ya know when I was growing up in church & going every time tha doors were open, nothing was ever changed for me. All we heard about was everything that is in tha Bible. We sang hyms, had communion, listened to the sermon & guess what? I survived & even learned about everything. So this new age shit is just an excuse a cover up. All this crap is a cop out for tha truth & its taking people to hell. At least if i were going to hell i couldn't blame it on my preacher, it would of been my fault. It aint about self, self will take you to hell. God 1st me last. I feel sorry for all you lost sheep listening to these false preachers who are just looking for fame & fortune. They could care less about you, all they are in you is dollar signs. Thank God I know tha truth. Can't be friends of tha world & love God. Tha devil is king of this world, for now. Open your eyes & beware, coz you could be in trouble.

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