30 Replies to “Met Gala 2018: Pay Homage To The Jesuit Order”

  1. What was up with all the females with the Saturn Rings around their heads? Bro speak on that Prince Death scene Photo how did he die litterally on the wicken wheel of life in with his hand on the Summer Solstice smh lol , Travis Before the Rodeo had good beats but he never was lyrical i think everyone enjoys his music for the trap rock vibe , Gambino was straight trolling with the signs lol i keep telling yall Entertainment/Entertainers owe yall nothing lol

  2. Donald GLover like a cornier fusion of Big Sean and Drake to me . Travis Scott has 1 good album and it's mostly cuz of the beats. And the Met Gala story sounds crazy , ol girl dipped from the industry like that

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