METHODIST are infiltrated few are working with BANKER= ZIONIST & JESUITS set up New World Order 1of5

YouTube BENJAMIN FRIEDMAND also spelled FREEDMAN Prescott Bush Worked with HITLER, George H while Head of CIA flew in Planes filled with DRUGS see CIA=TATUM CHRONICLES, He claims to be METHODIST yet you can witness George W Celebrate “RED MASS” at Biggest DRUG DEALERS in the WORLD have SPOKE at this google METHODIST TRINITY UNIVERSITY in TEXAS once You see who has spoken their then You can Understand how they were able to Raise 205 million in just a few day, These Speakers are the Biggest Drug Dealers and Military Arms Dealers in the World, You will also understand where they got their 1.2 Billion in their TRUST FUND, see who Has Spoke there, You see Zionist & Jesuits speaking at Alledged Methodist University in Texas, 3 Generations of Bush Family working with Z & J to take over the World and set up One World Government, Their Bringing in Plane Loads of Drugs, every day to America google Detective Mike Ruppert, 30 year CIA agent TATUM CHRONICLES, Bill Moyers SECRET GOVERNMENT, in Congressional Record Protestant Prescott Bush JP MORGAN backed by London ZIONIST 4th Generation ROTHSCHILD MONEY, tried to get General Butler to Kill Roselvelt and Set up Hitler style Government in 1933

For Blackmailing President Wilson to get America into WW1 to defeat the Germans the Rothschild Bankers go the DEED to 80% of the Land of ISRAEL, Zionist, Jesuits & NeoCon Infiltreated Protestants Helped Steal American Money System on 23 December 1913 only three Senators were Present see 2 hr Documentary (FIAT EMPIRE) with Harvard Professors Noble Economist Milton tell how they Created teh Great Depression then Purchased Assests for 4cents on the Dollar, Their Friends weere Warned pulled out money Prior to Black Friday, Joe Kennedy waa An Ambassador to England Hew was Warned took out 4 Million turned it into 100 Million in 31/2 years,see FIAT EMPIRE,

They haave Murdered 6-8 American presidents, Last to try and stand up to Bankers was President Kennedy, He Signed Order to Pull Troops out of Vietnam, For Treasury to Print INTEREST FREE Money inaccordance with the United States Constitution, see book Creature from Jeckell Island,


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  1. Google Trinity University, Methodist University in Texas

    Guest speakers use TALMUD bible it says Jesus Mother was a Whore

    Jesuits are controlled by Zionist, Crypto Jews Created Jesuits in 1526, 1540 Oath of Jesuits Infiltrate all Religions Destory them Put POPE in charge of the World with the Zionist Controlling the POPE

    Present Pope attended one of Hitlers Schools, You can see Hundreds of pictures of Hitler with Prescott Bush & Jesuit Head Nick Named Black Pope

  2. Note I am Not a Protestant, Catholic , Islamic, Occult etc

    If You wish to Know the REAL TRUTH about the REAL CREATOR and the REAL JESUS go see RELIGIOUS SECRETS HIDDEN for 1,600 Years ASKELM,

    You should Form Your Own Religious Study Groups, I do not Endorse a Single Religion I know of today,

    Revelations Satan will Deceive the whole world, Jesus said SEEK me SEARCH for Me

    Jesus knew things would get Confused
    Your Sacraficing Your Child to Satan thinking Your Giving Him to the LORD

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