Their in the DARK yet they beleive their a Main Part of the Plan, New World Order, Most of the People working with the NWO are in the DARK they have them and their Families Drugged with a Neuro Toxin in their Brains and its also Destroying every Organ in their Bodies see, Their Also useing Edward Bernays Propaganda Media techniques, see film FIAT EMPIRE this tells how they stole the American Economic system and others in the World, The Bankers at the top are Monsters, they start wars then Finance Each side,

Google or YouTube this Jim Arrabito who interviews these witnesses was EL-iminated by the Jesuits when his plane was sabatoged in 1990. Ex Jesuit Alberto Rivera was also EL-iminated by the Jesuit order with the natorious “poisen cup” or “Cup of borgia” in 1997,

John Kennedy son said America is the Best Entertained and the least Informed people on Earth, shortly afterwards his plane crashed , ,

You owe it to Yourself and Your family, google and youtube, “FIAT EMPIRE”, see Films, google Edward Bernays Media Mind Control, “Operation Paper Clip” “Code name ArtiChoke” “MkUltra”, “TATUM CHRONICLeS”, “Mike Ruppert”, “Bill Moyers SECRET GOVERNMENT”, Rex84, operation Garden Plot,

Alberto Rivera wife offered One Millon dollars to say her Ex-Jesuit Husband was crazy,

Google or Youtube TALMUD=BIBLE says Jesus Mother was a Whore, used by Zionist, Jesuits, and (Infiltrated )NeoCon Protestants in SECRET,


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  1. They Rounded up 66 million people in RUSSIA and MURDERED them.

    The same BANKING Families that own the Russian Banking System since 1917 that Murdered 66 Million in RUSSIA own the the FEDERAL RESERVE in AMERICA 1913

    They caued the GREAT DEPRESSION in America then purchased Land & Homes etc for 4 cents on the DOLLAR

    When they Declare MARTIAL LAW in America, Implement "REX-84 and "OPERATION GARDEN PLOT"

    You will see GROWN men on their Knees Begging and Crying like little CHILDREN

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