METHODIST working with illumanati, ZIONIST & JESUITS setting up New World Order 1of4

This Little SUPER RICH University has Hosted some of the BIGGEST DRUG DEALERS in the WORLD as Guest Speakers Once You understand that You will have no problems understanding How they were able to Raise 205 Million Recently for a Special Project, and how they got 1.2 Billion into their TRUST FUND, they are also behind the NWO If You Understand the Same Banker Families that FINANCED Hitler have Owned the American Economic/Money System since 23 December 1913, Owned the Russian Banks since 1917, then You should Beleive the Irrifutable FACTS Her in Submitted in these Films, TO: WIT The New World Order is going to have Three Classes of People Read Plato’s Republic, the soldiers will be Chemically Controlled, All of US at the Bottom will be Chemically Controlled Ant workers, they will KILL us when we become Unable to Work, probally about aget 30-40

You owe it to Yourself and Your Family our Nation and the People of the World to Check out this Information for Youself, and google or youtube the following

Many Good Men and Women have already Given theri LIVES to Try and Warn You, Throw those Mind Damaging Cola’s away, Purify Your Water, You need to get the NeuroToxin out of Your Brains then do what
You can to try and Restore the REPUBLIC their is a BIG Difference between a Republic and a Democracy all Great Democracies have Self Destructed from with in , Please Wake Up

see 2hr Documentary FIAT EMPIRE

2. Operation Paper Clip

3. Code Name ArtiChoke

4. MkUltra, Project Phoenix, Project Monarch

5. Rothchilds Richest Families on this Earth

6. Rockefellers Family

7. got folks drugged around the World with Cola=its ADDICTION and Damaging Thinking Ability 25% Up to Alzeheimers Disease, adding Aluminum, Lead Arsenic etc to Pineal Glan in Brain watch Films and Read Scientfic reports at www. FluorideAlert and FluorideAction

Please Write down what I say in the film and Check it out

Break Addiction to Cola and Sweets
1. Take 25mg Magnesium before eaach meal 6cents day
2. 5 stage filter or Distilled water, add 1/8 to 1/4 Teaspoon ful of IODIZED SEA SALT per gal
3. one mega green tea tablet day $4.00 month supply
4. Phillips colon cleanse daily $12.00 month supply
5. Sodium Bicorbnate its pure baking soda one tablet less than a penny day. if you have indegestion you can take 4=6 day just dislove in water.


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  1. Jesus told them Your Father is the DEVIL, 400ad Messed up the Bible, 1526 They started the JESUITS, OATH Taken in front of SKULL & BONES=Make Copies give out, google Ex-Jesuit Alberto Rivera,google EX=ZIONIST Benjamin Friedman, Many Warning US, YALE S&B, HITLERS SS Hats S&B, Bringing in DRUGS=CIA TATUM CHRONICLES, for TRUTH see wwwASKELMcom, wwwPaulsEvangelcom & Martin Zender

    Have us DRUGGED with "TOXIN" see Film PROfESSIONAL PERSPECTIVES at wwwFluorideActionnet, take Pure Water & MaGNESIUM

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