33 Replies to “Michael Savage reacts to ”There is no Hell” Pope”

  1. Jesus promised that he would build his Church on Peter and the gates of hell would not prevail against it! He never said that we would never have bad popes and bishops throughout history. Jesus chose a Bishop that betrayed Him. That bishop’s name was Judas. Our first pope, Peter, denied Jesus three times. Jesus who was God chose sinful human beings to lead His Church.

  2. How many times we keep falling for a lie, the serpent in the garden sewed into us the seeds of doubt into our souls, when he said “ did God truly say?” Man now is appointed to die but once and then the judgement, for following the serpents advice. Has for me I will show my God my love for him and still keep all the commandments and teachings of Jesus Christ and doubt not the words of God and be saved from eternal hell and death, with Godly fear and Godly love.

  3. Jesus said that the dead are conscience of nothing. Hell is Hades. The Catholic church is a false religion instituted by people grabbing power. It is nothing but a part of Babylon the great, who has power over the kings of the earth. Read your bible fully. If God is justice, how can he burn people forever for, for something they did in less than 100 years? That's not justice, that's vengeance and glee of punishment. God is love. Preachers push hellfire to get money and control their flock. READ your bible in its entirety. Prove me wrong.

  4. God keeps manifesting to me throughout my life & I'm not from a religious family. He first tells me to take my shoes off like He told to Moses. Then He takes me to see Heaven & Hell & He shows me the future, & it always comes true in the following days. God has taught me vast amounts of things & shown me The Tree of Eternal Life & The Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil In The Garden of Eden. He healed me with a touch when I was injured. He is a wonderful God & He says that the only things people own are the good deeds they do on earth. He has held my hand a thousand times & walked me through Heaven & taken me to mansions there. He says He is preparing a place for me. I say I don't want it, I just want to be His servant forever & save souls from evil. God is a wonderful God. Please be good & avoid going to Hell because it really does exist. God makes me watch people being led before The Judge, in a court at the edge of the cliff overlooking The Fiery Lake.

    Then the people are thrown into The Fiery Lake & They Burn In Agony But Don't Die. It is terrible. Please save your selves & do not be evil, because you will be thrown into The Fiery Lake if you are an evil person

  5. 75 years I have heard Priest & Pedifile put together…Nothing is done4the kidsNOTHING & the Catholic church keeps churning out little boys that have been taught pedifilia…I used to want2be a Catholic…I finally just gave up..thanks pope Francis bergoglio arrested child trafficker…Google that..I dare you

  6. Catholics were literally kissing the feet of pope John Paul 2 as if this "man" was Jesus himself!! The Catholic church lost its way & better start reading the KJ Bible instead of the cadacism. The Vatican has made Catholicism a cult & pope Francis is absolutely an evil man he could be the biblical false prophet in revelation. I'm not sure he even believes in GOD??

  7. Im not Catholic, but wow. I think Catholics need/should start considering what their religion is really abt. With this pope, I have heard that pedophilia is at an all time high, snot nosing his way into American politics, washing the feet of Muslim refugees, and now theres no hell. The alters and what I've see is down right blasphemy. Not that these sheep weird looking alter at St. Peters?, idk, Id be concerned abt being Catholic in todays age. Good vs evil everywhere u look now, just bad, bad thing to say, even tho he is just a puppet. Libs need to get a grip, look at themselves in the mirror, is this what they want of themselves? 58 genders and all? Alot to question what moral ground is left for them, idk.??

  8. I believe in hell, have not liked this poop from day one, we are to discern the spirit and this one has none, he can speak all he wants as a man and has no influence on those who truly believe in the TRUE teachings of the Church. He is a wolf in sheep's clothing and satan will always attack the front line. Ask those people who have seen hell if there is no hell.

  9. Oh Father God open the spiritual eyes and ears to hear what the spirit of the Lord says! Free them from the blindness and bondage of Satan and free to see the light of Christ in Jesus name amen! Open the eyes who are blinded by religion! Rain down rivers of living water on every city and every nation and sending the laborers for the harvest for the souls for the kingdom of God in Jesus name amen! God have mercy on the lost souls and the lukewarm church who will be left behind to face the tribulation in Jesus name amen! I pray that me and my family are counted worthy to escape the dreadful day of the Lord and to be able to stand in front of the son of man in Jesus name amen! 😭

  10. Francis is not a Catholic nor a real Pope. The Jews Banker Cartel (Secret Society of the Jewish Kabbalah which is Lucifer religion = AntiChrist of the Synagogue of Satan) had infiltrated the Catholic Church for at least 3 centuries and finally they successfully raised their boys to the seat of St. Peter through the crack of Hell: Vatican II Council of Evil from 1958 to present.

    Their first perverted gay-sodomy Jewish boy became pope was Pope Paul VI (Jewish Kabbalah he's 100% Talmudic Jew–a homosexual faggot).

    Second Jewish rooted pope was John Paul II and the third Jewish influential rooted is Benedict XVI and now Francis the Destroyer, the Abomination of Desolation.

    Francis is a fake. He is an APOSTATE, completely denied all Catholic Teachings and Catholic Doctrines of Faith. That cursed man is condemned and he will take all 7 billions souls to hell with him.


    Francis is working for the New World Order under the Satanists and Luciferians of the Jewish Banker Cartel/Globalists/Communists/Socialists/Modernists and TERRORISTS.


  11. I have always been curious about "God knows every star by name." Maybe if we have light and warmth (love) when we drop the clothing of the physical plane, we become a bundle of light and warmth called a star floating in heaven (joy and beauty). If we extinguish our light and warmth (love) with greed, we become the darkness and emptiness that surrounds the stars.

  12. Yes , the Pope who called Jesus a liar ! Why the Catholic
    Church would put a Communist unbeliever in the
    Vatican no one knows . The most evil Pope since the Pope
    who bowed and worshiped at
    Hitler’s feet. He is just another
    one of Satan’s minions. And why do you think Catholics are
    fleeing the Catholic Church for
    evangelical churches ?

  13. The concept of hell is pretty easy to show.

    And the remnant were slain with the sword of him that sat upon the horse,
    which sword proceeded out of his mouth:
    and all the fowls were filled with their flesh.

    Therefore will I number you to the sword,
    and ye shall all bow down to the slaughter:
    because when I called,
    ye did not answer;
    when I spake,
    ye did not hear;
    but did evil before mine eyes,
    and did choose that wherein I delighted not.
    Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD,
    my servants shall eat,
    but ye shall be hungry:
    my servants shall drink,
    but ye shall be thirsty:
    my servants shall rejoice,
    but ye shall be ashamed:
    my servants shall sing for joy of heart,
    but ye shall cry for sorrow of heart,
    and shall howl for vexation of spirit.

    Imagine how much trouble the Pope would be in if he gave those people an exist so they are the ones building the houses later in that same chapter, after it is said the new earth has started. He wouldn't even be lying as Hebrews:12 is about events that take place at the GWT rather than at the start of the 1,000 years.

    But ye are come unto mount Sion,
    and unto the city of the living God,
    the heavenly Jerusalem,
    and to an innumerable company of angels,

    I am waiting for any Clergy to leak that the beloved disciple is Mary of Bethany, Disciple of John the Baptist rather than the Apostle John. The flock might understand getting the meaning of a word wrong after studying it for almost 2,000 years but to erase the gender of the most important Scribe in the NT so they could have a 'men only' club would see the collection plates being used for tossing at the Clergy rather than a wag of the finger and a shake of the head.
    Tic-toc, tic-toc, . . .

  14. Holy Hell! Catholic News Agency (CNA) is defending Cardinal Pell and I just noticed their logo. It's a BENT CROSS, the corpus has his legs spread, and it's being held up in a fist.

  15. Well,the Vatican did not flat out denied , they dance around but never firmly reject the journalist claims , he is a socialist an atheist is not his first time there or his first interview with Bergoglio either.so figure .HE IS SAYING THE TRUTH, this is not our Pope,he is a heretic Mason plant.

  16. Stop making Trump out to be some sort of God , he is a scum bag.
    He does not care about Humanity or he would stop Chem Trails and 5G.
    What Man or Woman with a CONSCIENCE would allow Poisons to be sprayed on top of our HEADS Every FUCKING DAY !!!!!!!!!!!
    Trump is a MASON , therefore he is not a Christian , Masons are Forbidden to swear on the Bible , that is why the Apollo AstroNOTS run the Proverbial Mile when they were Confronted and asked to swear on the Bible they went too the Moon , and $25k would be Given to a Charity of there choice

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