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  1. "Thou art that"
    Before Abraham was, I am?
    Some people insist that Abraham and Sarai were taken from Brahman and Saraswati of the Indus people but of course, no holy man would ever do such a thing in the name of conquering through lies and murder, right?

  2. All of Jesus' teachings are about a strategy he has put in place so the occultists running the planet(Mystery Schools) can't infiltrate and steal the knowledge he want's to give to God's people so that they may ascend(resurrect), God used Moses to free the minds from these occultists but they never disappeared. JFK was killed for trying to expose this truth. [I AM THE TRUTH AND THE WAY TO LIFE] is not just a history verse, Nikola Tesla understood that and he was a true Christian. <3 NAMASTE <3

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