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  1. Tsarion gets some words a bit wrong, though obviously this doesn't devalue his amazing body of knowledge one bit. It's good nevertheless to set the record straight so that other people like me, who pause the audio again and again to go verify some of the facts, don't get stuck in blind alleys. At around 21:40 he mentions something like "Adumbrados" where he surery meant "Alumbrados", Spanish for Illuminated.

  2. Thank you. I've been wondering why! Jivamukti left, I ve been wondering why the doctrines actually allowed for misinterpepretaitions by some Arian crazies. My great uncle was a famous Jesuit who wrote over 40 books and I've met Pope Francis. I am open, I was brought up by Atheists in Asia, but I have trouble grasping these truths that Jesuit are specifically chosen and connected to Illuminati. Why is that? Chiselled into my DNA? And is MT perhaps having a sort of fear of all Asian rooted Religion? Perhaps he means he just doesn't like the Western interpretations?

  3. Is Gemini's by the Christians the people who have killed more people than anything except cancer think about it. Do the math you some logic. Who really worships the devil the people killing everyone else looking for said entity or the people who don't even believe in Satan? Who really loves Jesus the people who love him for his teachings in the person he is or the people who depend on him to be there Whipping Boy? Who really loves Jesus the child molesting kike Peter? Or the Pharisee kike Paul? Mary the Mother or Mary the Magdalene Christ? I'll give you a hint her name starts with an m? And his name starts with a t.

  4. You need to be funny if that guy Mountain Dan in that commercial shot his f**** dog instead of the bird huh? Hunting for sport is cruelty. Hunting for food you don't need even if you are going to eat it is cruelty. Tell you what let's let you go somewhere and some game reserved and let me go let me hunt you. Let's see how you like it cuz I'm a lying I got the instincts of a lion and you will not win. I will eat your soul let's see how much fun that is.

  5. Wasn't Blavatski an Aryan supemecist who hated other races and believed there were certain 'root races' that were superior? It is a genuine question so please do correct me if not. This is one criticism that Michael made quick reference to but didn't delve into

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